Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ice Resin

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 The hunt is over. 
The quest has been fulfilled.
Many a projects thrown to the way side from lack luster results and just plain unprofessional finishes.
I have used and rejected; acrylic varnish, golden gel gloss medium,  liquid sculpey, kato liquid clay, clear embossing powder, diamond glaze, magic gloss, envirotex and colores resin.
Sticky sides, inadequate coverage, inconvenient application, yellowing, bubbling, cracking and all around yuckiness ensued.
But search no more, the resin to out shine all other resins has been discovered.
I have coated polymer clay: embossed, painted, mica powdered (?) and stamped. Papers, both vintage and straight from the ink let printer. Metals; raw, oxidized, patinated, and rusted. I have filled bezels, both metal and polymer clay, seed pods and acorn caps. I have created molds and filled them with resin. 
And Ice Resin has delivered perfect results every time.

I had Susan's name on my blog roll for the longest time. But nothing ever happened at her blog so I took it off. Now I see she has been working on a book, developing a jewelers grade resin, casting charms (so glorious in all their rustic savagery!) and overseeing a fantastic new inspiring blog called Objects and Elements.
I completely missed the blog hop that featured a lot of really talented artists utilizing ice resin in their own way. Which was frankly just aggravating because I just finished carving up a ton of vintage brass bezels, set with photo shopped ephemera and brass eyelets.
Okay, I won't keep you here, you have some inspiring blogs to check out. I just had to insert myself in this here band wagon because I am very excited about Susan's contribution to this media and it has opened huge, gigantic doors for me in the world of mixed media jewelry. 



  1. Thanks for the great review!!!

    I find it very helpful to get a review/recommendation from some one who has no connection to a product. As much as I respect Deryn, and the other O&E team artists, their opinion of Ice Resin can't be completely unbiased. When I get a product that doesn't deliver what it promises I don't have the luxury, of going to get something else. So for me it's important that the product does work well. ANd a huge bonus when I can use it for different types of applications!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  2. agreed 100,000%!! i am so in love with this resin my head doesn't stop with ideas i have for using it... which makes me a VERY flaky mom! and i am not flaky, just very distracted!! :0) there is a difference - seriously... your work is so beautiful and i cannot wait to see some of the wonderful things you have been working on... einstein, picasso, tolkien had as many hours in a day as i do, why do i feel like there are never enough for even my simple life?

  3. Patti, thanks so much for your comment. It is intelligent, well spoken and completely honest, I respect that so much.

    Not having a product work well can be devastating to us handmade artists and is the motivating factor for me having to pull one of my best selling tutorials out of my store (Creating Polymer Clay Bezels).

    One of the hardest things for me in business is keeping that "I'll keep trying until it does work" mentality, especially in the face of poverty.

  4. Your art is so beautiful, and I couldn't agree with you more about this resin. I finally feel like I have a resin product that I can use on my jewelry & not feel like I am cheating my customers out of quality or worrying about my pieces falling apart.

    :-) Molly

  5. I am so going to have to me some of this, your work is so fab.

    Are there any good books on the topic?

  6. Must agree! The resin is awesome. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love to make the German Doll Head jars. There are more on my website if you wander that way again. Your work is amazing!

  7. so you use ice resin to seal oxidized metal components? (like to prevent further oxidation or prevent staining on clothing?) I've been using acrylic floor wax, but this sounds much more durable.

  8. I also have been lovin' the ice resin! I've been using it to make my take on Cynthia Thornton's resin wings pattern. I can't wait to use it for pressed flowers in bezels.

  9. What a fantastic revelation, I'd never heard of 'ice resin' even though I've been on a mission to hunt down a more usuable product then what we have available here in the UK.

    Superb links too - you've made my day. :)

  10. I have Ice Resin and have not had a chance to play with it! I really need to get myself going with this! I'm thinking of combining this with my little metal books.
    Thanks for the info!
    Bead Happy!

  11. This is awesome to hear Shannon! I have been doing some small tests with a UV Cured product but haven't yet got a lamp to set it yet. (Sunshine doesn't work well for me at all.) Does the Ice Resin smell at all when it is being cured? Does it pull at all from the sides and does it allow for small batches? I agree it is nice to know someone you can trust when it comes to reviews, and you I definitely trust! So if you say it's good, it must be!

  12. Kella, I am a little bit outdated in the book department, I only indulge every so often in a special trip to the book store, however, I really like Sherri Haab's book; The Art of Resin Jewelry. I like all her books in fact! But this one you could easily adapt the ice resin to work in any of her projects.

  13. Thanks I would look up that book as well.

  14. I'm loving your resin and emphemera pieces! So inspiring. Btw, I received my giveaway prize, and I loved it all...especially the packaging! You're so creative!


  15. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! Thank you so much for talking about this product here and on your Etsy shop page. There's no way I would have found it if you hadn't. And I love what you've made with it. Love your work!


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