Sunday, July 28, 2013

I Bow to You in Respect...

I have visions in my head that I cannot complete because of my inability to invest in anything new.
I KNOW you know what that feels like.
The need to create a special adornment for your body that reflects the state of mind, body and spirit that you ARE, that you feel at this moment in your life.
I feel it when I look at the work of Kathy Van Kleeck , Lorelei Eurto, and my special Maire... 

I am an admitted ceramics whore, I flit from one to another, as if I was the fickle miss my shop name suggests. But the yearning stays the same, to feel the weight of fired clay in my hands, against my chest and brushing against my neck is a very REAL need. There is something infinitely satisfying about creating with something directly from the earth, molded and shaped from the hands of women I admire so much.

And it is even more poignant as I research.....
1. the cost of a kiln (did you know there are several different types that you use for specific techniques?)
2. the cost of a studio... (I researched any where from 100 a month to 300 a month JUST to sit and use their clay, firing schedules where priced differently)
3.  the temperatures needed for different clays, (high fired is simply not offered).
4. I don't want to sit at a wheel: I want to form, shape, texture, cut, color.... and then just magically wear the finished ceramics (all that comes between is often not mentioned in product descriptions because they know no one READS, but they are still steps that require time, experience, muscle control and knowledge in order to complete successfully). I couldn't for the life of me find a class just for that, they all involved a wheel and learning firing temperatures. E-gads!!! Numbers!!! 

And so I pay homage to my loves;

(you will forever be the original rustic clay shard creator)

(you are my first love affair with ceramic beads!)

And my new loves...

I do not know if the future holds clay shaping for me, but until then I will be haunting the shops of these artists!

Peace & Prosperity;


  1. i am going to put a huge request 'out there' for you to be able to do that which feeds your passion. i understand the love of ceramics - in all its facets. how it goes from something soft and malleable, of the earth, able to be carved and is changed through fire. glazes mesmerize me and i am a huge lover of raku... you have shown us some women who are so well versed in their craft (because of the time and dedication they have spent learning it), thank you.

  2. Wonderful post of yearning, hoping and acknowledgment~~Shannon I believe that someday, somehow, you will be happily ensconced in this art form that you love....wish I knew a great fairy godmother! I am so impressed by your generosity to praise others who create in the medium you long to master. Um, you rock...yep....really.

  3. I am so moved by your love of clay. I too care for all you have shown and have also recently found Ragged Robin and Scorched earth. All these artists in clay do beautiful work. I am honored to be among them. May you get the chance to try it out. I would be happy to send you some clay and fire the beads you make. Just say the word. I would be happy to participate in part of your creative journey.

  4. What a lovely post. I just KNOW you will find a way! Heck get some clay and I'll fire it for you! I would love to see what you create with clay. I'm sure it will be magical. xoxo

  5. I know that you mean about not being able to find a class. I am drawn to clay and ceramics. Always have been and yet finding a class that doesn't involve a wheel seems to be an impossible quest. I just happy that it isn't a 'need' for me. Here's to find a way to follow your passion.

  6. I am with Miss Maire... the first step is to let your desires be known to the Universe. I hope that what brings you bliss will come to pass. If you open your heart and mind to the possibilities, sometimes things align. It is then that you need to be confident to step up and walk through that open door to see where the next path lies. Beautiful eye candy to start out my day! Enjoy the day. Erin

  7. The ceramic artists I studied with and who are around me today all say the same thing and I agree...'it gets in your blood'. When I was looking at finishing my degree (2008)and getting a studio it occurred to me that everyone who had 'made it' successful in ceramics had some sort of huge inheritance from family and were all moving home and setting up a studio in the garden or spare room that was available to them. It was physically and psychologically painful not to be in contact with clay for the next few years. It is only in the last couple of years that I managed to get myself a studio. I rented a space for £100 a month from a very famous ceramic artist called Micheal Flynn. I was working over 40 hour weeks in another job to keep it going and my personal life and ceramics projects were not balanced because I just couldn't invest enough time into anything specific. I had to give up my studio but luckily my Etsy shop was just starting to get noticed and I was able to shuffle the huge amount of studio stuff into a tiny room in my flat (landlord unawares) and carry on making. I have since moved to a house which I can only afford because of sharing with my boyfriend otherwise I would be renting a room in a shared house. I am only now getting set up in the studio/shed out the back. For me it was a big 'selling' feature of the house. It is mad how much space, money and time that needs to be invested just to play with mud and settle ones heart in life. I have said before in interviews that if you want to do it you will find a way eventually. Most cities have classes in pottery and sometimes you can use their kilns or go along, pay a few quid and use their space tools and materials. It is surprising what can be accomplished when working in this sort of set up. Maybe that is an option?

  8. If you ask somewhere that hold any sort of pottery class if you can use the space when they arn't teaching maybe just for a small fee you can use their clay and fire too? I'm of the mind 'if you dont ask you dont get'. Good luck and hope you find something that satisfies the need to model and paint.

  9. Awww, well, I hope to haunt you ever more! Good luck with your hunt for the perfect clay class. I know exactly how you feel, as I can't keep my hands out of the stuff!
    xo :O)

  10. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Thanks for the shout-out! I actually started out in a shared ceramic studio before investing in my first little kiln. Eventually we worked up to buying the big boy. You've put it out there in the universe now so that's a start! It will happen. ::hugs::

  12. Shannon, I know and love most of these people and their creations too. I would truly love to create in clay too. My (not so) secret yearning. I understand.


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