Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hammered Copper Tube Beads

He sat at my kitchen table (an exclusive, difficult chair to achieve) and I tried to stay focused on what he was saying but in reality, I was transfixed by his hands....
Rough, work hardened, experienced, and oh so capable...
He gestured as he spoke, stopping only to sketch a quick drawing of his work place.
My brain halted on the words;
"cut copper tubing"
You can purchase pure copper tubing and cut it to size?!?!?!

Oh yes, you can.
I fumbled with the tube cutter, purchased with the last $15 in my bank account.
I couldn't get it to cut through the copper tubing.
I tried and tried and tried.
It squished the tube and even though I affixed my dremel with a saw off blade to cut all the way through, I couldn't get a clean cut.
But then he showed me how. In mere seconds, he showed me how to place the tubing, work the cutter and pull off a clean cut, pure copper bead. 
I was so excited to have a new project, I couldn't wait....
I showed my son, "See, this is how you can cut the copper cleanly.
He sat and formed a blister over the tube cutter and raw copper, cutting me various sizes.
They tried to talk over the the sound of my hammering the newly cut copper but it took a lot of strength to hammer those down. It was loud and HARD.
A little bit of finagling to add texture to the sides.
But once tumbled smooth, I had 
Beads to color.
Oh, I almost wet myself with excitement.
These would fit over thick leather cording.
These would look awesome on the hammered bead frames.
These would work as spacers. Pandora had nothin on me.
Spaced between gorgeous lampwork or ceramics, I couldn't get to the bead table fast enough...

Here's what I did with mine, in black and silver.
Yes, fused silver copper tube beads.
Now for a trip to Radio Shack for the etchant, cause I have loads of rubber stamps in the coolest of designs and some solvant ink that will make the next batch even more fun.

Hammered Copper Tube Beads


  1. So exciting!!! A whole new world...You will rock it! (SO envious)

  2. These are beyond cool! What a great idea!

  3. Who is "he"? I have tried many times with no success. Even asked for help from hubby and he was not successful either.I have lots of copper tubing I have bought and would love to make more beads with it.


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