Thursday, March 22, 2007

Here I am!

Over here! Yes, the little girl sunk deep within her couch. Making typos left and right.
I'm going to start blogging again, inconsistently, but never the less, here I am.

Mainly so I can leave annoying comments on others blogs, but also so I can show off my wares and new photography skills. Oh yes, I have mad skills with the cam-o-rahhhh!

Things have changed sense I last blogged, I am unfamiliar with the new photo hosting, the name sounds the same but the process is different. It might take me awhile to figure it out.

I have cute polymer clay pendants, cute kids, cute friends with cute stuff and I'm going to blog all of it!

Tomorrows to do list;
Wake up early, I've been seeing lots of traffic on etsy early, like 6:00am
make everybody oatmeal
clean up kitchen and start laundry
color with Boo and Pinky
go to the bank and get on the checking account that's empty but needs my name on it anyway
lunch, clean up kitchen again
edit photos of new product I'm listing on etsy this weekend
work on special surprises for my new friends in Germany
snuggle and pillow fight with wee ones until somebody cries
make dinner and clean up the darn kitchen again
bathes, books, t.v.shows, packaging orders and then finally...
I have soooo many ideas and soooo little time.

I do however have a little bit of extra money and when I spend it I promise I will take a picture and post it for all to oogle over!


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  3. Hi!!
    I`m so glad You started blogging! And how did I find it out? By scrolling down my older posts and looking, if someone has left me a comment... And there I find someone!!!
    Welcome to the Blogland!
    About that photo - it`s from royalty/copyright free page( lucky You!).I go now and look for a link and then I come back to you!
    Am I a doll or what ;)??
    here`s the link.


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