Monday, April 16, 2007


This is Pinky. Pie of Fatness. Pinkerton. Princess Pixie Pop.
She is all girl. From the beginning - charming and attracted to all things feminine. Like high heeled shoes and big foofoo dresses. Ballerinas and dollies. Above all she must have PINK.

However, she is a complete and total dare-devil tomboy! She would put on her prettiest, frilliest ballerina tutu and dive smack in the middle of a mud puddle.

She is a risk taker. A leader. A Diva with a capitol D. The Boss.

She drives me crazy. She is the reason I believe in leashes for children and locks on the refrigerator.
You can NOT turn your head for 2 minutes. She KNOWS.
When you are on the phone, she plans and executes in seconds. You're right there and you have no idea what is happening.

She is amazing.

She's been speaking since 16 months and she has not stopped. Unless it has been to sing. Loudly. Right up in your face.

Her songs of choice; ABC's. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Itsy Bitsy Spider.

And Burning Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

I'm not kidding, she yells out the ending words on the chorus.

"I fell into a burning ring of FIRE!!!!
I went down, down, down as the flames went HIGHER!!!!
And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of FIRE!!!!
The ring of FIRE!!!!"

I laughed so hard when she first did it, I almost ran off the road in our van.
She is something.
I am eager to see what direction her life takes. You have to admire such dogged determination.

She's sick a lot though. It is either allergies or a low immune system. The doctors we have spoken with said there is not a lot you can do at this age, in fact she might grow out of it.

If we take her to church on Sunday, sure enough she ends up with cold like symptoms by Wednesday. She misses the next Sunday and she's fine until we take her back. Then it repeats itself.
We've changed churches since she was born, she was nursed until 11 months of age, never given a bottle to bed, cleaned constantly, kept away from crowds.
We even had tubes put in her ears to help with the constant infections. They have helped. She doesn't stay sick as long and she hasn't been put on antibiotics in several months so it is better.

She wants to be outside all the time. She doesn't like the cold but she's like her daddy, she doesn't notice anything once she gets busy, coldness, heat, pain.....

She wants to learn how to fish (with a pink pole), she wants to play football (with a pink football), she wants to play basketball ( with , you guessed it, a pink basketball)!

She can't stand it when the boys play x-box. The phrase "your not old enough" has no meaning for her. I try to indulge her curiosity for everything safe that I can. But I still say NO too much.

She hates to be SHHushed. Hates it! She'll run screaming from the room, slam her door, and stay mad for hours. It offends her Diva soul I guess.

I am fascinated by her, she is so different than me and yet she is my responsibility. I'm not sure what to do with her, in spite of my extensive reading, keeping her stimulated and occupied is beyond my capabilities right now.

I think she will really enjoy school, we will be searching for a pre-school in the next week.
She stands naked at the front door with nothing on but her backpack and says "Where's my bus?"

I love you, Pinky Pie!


  1. I would love her based on the smile alone, but your description is beautiful and touching. She and my daughter would get on like gang busters, despite the age difference (mine is 7.)

  2. Pinky sounds like one heck of a character! My son's favorite color is pink!
    We do the best we can. I got pregnant when I turned 40 (yikes) and thought "what the heck do I do now??" But, the 'Man Upstairs' doesn't give us anything we can't handle, although don't we wish He didn't trust us so much!! :)

  3. I think that your lovely daughter is a very special person. She is so fragile and tough, so probably, you are confused. And, I feel, that you two complete each other perfectly!
    Take care, You two!


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