Thursday, May 3, 2007

I've been Tagged...

I've never been tagged before! The fact that someone (my dear Eva) is actually interested in my answers makes me feel good.

My first instinct was to make my answers as dramatic as I could , which isn't hard since I've done a lot of livin' in my short, tumulus life, however I don't know if that's smart since I use this blog for business also.

So here goes;

1.) I have a huge, passionate, previously secret crush on Wolverine from X-Men.
Let me be clear that it is not Hugh Jackman the actor, who uses filthy language in interviews, but his character, Wolverine.

2.) I have a partial lazy eye (as seen in the picture above) that I will use an eye-patch for once it gets really prominent. Won't that be cool? I will look so awesome in an eye-patch.

3.) I have had a total of 5 pregnancies, 3 full term births, but have given birth to 4 babies total, however I am only a mother to two.
Can you figure that riddle out?

4.) I am claustrophobic. I had a complete and total anxiety attack on my honeymoon trying to scuba dive. Which completely shocked me as I have always been known for my bravery.

5.) I never talk on the phone. Only to my husband, my mom, or my sister. I will not answer for anyone else. I feel anxious when the phone rings.

6.) I have been a squatter. For approx. 1 year I was homeless and living in various unscrupulous places.

7.) I have yet to learn how to ride a bike.
My parents were building a house and were extremely busy, then we moved and my new friends had 4-wheelers and drove me everywhere. I just never learned.

There. Wasn't that a fascinating read?

I tag Msbelle
and C. Gail Design
Two talented women who have taken the time to comment on my blog, and whom I would love to know more about.

The above photo is from 1990. I think. It's all a blur now.


  1. Wow!
    I knew You would have some interesting stories!
    But no. 4 is too difficult for me to figure out. Help!

  2. Hmmm. Very interesting! You have lived quite a life so far. Great picture by the way. It exudes your inner vixen!

  3. Oh msbelle! You have made me laugh!
    The days of our youth, so fleeting.

    Eva, I will tell you the story of my no.4 sometime, it is bittersweet.

  4. Oh yes, I think there are some stories in there! Thanks for sharing that photo too.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I always make the mistake of assuming everyone's path was similar to mine. Why do I do that? Obviously just so wrong! I love these lists because they are such a great reminder that we are all so different and yet so siimilar. Wish we could all get together for drinks!

  5. Thanks for tagging me...I'll try to give my answers in a soon, but I'll have to think about this one for a little.

    Have to agree with Eva...4 is a stumper. Love the photo of you, thanks for sharing it.

  6. I finally figured out what your picture reminded me of: the movie "Footloose"!! You look like the girl in Footloose!

  7. what a great picture!!!!

  8. What an interesting list! I also HATE to talk on the phone. Ick. Lovely blog you have here. :)


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