Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I tried, I really tried

I spent all weekend hunting down the photos from Halloween through New Year's, finding them on 3 different discs, trying to open them in Microsoft's Digital Image Suite, edit them, save them to my computer and then upload them to Flickr.
I still do not have any idea why the second batch wasn't uploaded. But I am so past the point of redoing it all.

The above photo is of the kiddos with their cousins on Christmas day.
G.G. and Poppy got them all some special chairs and painted their names on them.
Look at Rex's face... isn't he funny? He's thinking "Just get this over with. I have to complete level 20 of the Star Wars Saga video game."
And Pinkerton! Oh my gosh, the brightest smile you have ever seen! Look at her dirty knees... she's been dressed up for 1 hour, lol!
She loves her Baby Cupcake cousin(sitting next to her), tries to give her waaaaay to much love.
JahJah (Pinky's name for her boy cousin) is in the fishing hat that he never takes off, sitting next to Rex. He is the smartest kid, very precise and detailed oriented. Those are my sister's kiddos.
The kids love getting together and this Christmas was no different, except for the fact that they were spoiled-rotten!
It was a wonderful Christmas, the perfect end to a wild year!


  1. I hate having to get photos together. I leave that to the bf. It's his job as I take the pics. lol.

    Such a cute photo.

  2. Oh, how cute is Pinky! I can certainly see Rex thinking what you said..."get me outta here".

    Kevin's knees are the same way. He's always on the floor. I just come to expect it now. He wears out all the knees in his pants, pajamas, sweat pants, you name it. And the 'rust' is the hardest thing ever to come off in the bathtub!

    You have a great looking bunch!

  3. How adorable they all are.

    I know what is like about the daughter Hannah who is 8, always seems to be able to blow out the knees in her jeans and come in from playing outside with her knees covered in grass stains.

  4. Love this picture! They look like they really have to do this for their parents and not liking it really (except Pinky :)) but I´m sure they go "awwww" seeing this picture when thy are grown up :)

  5. Thank you!
    They are a cute bunch, aren't they?
    It's neat that they all get along, even though they are different ages.

  6. Oh, they are all so charming!
    Something so grand about cousins.
    I still love seeing my cousins and their kids playing with my kids.
    I am such a silly sentimental person and it is just getting worse as I get older!


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