Thursday, April 10, 2008

Could this be the start of a new color phase?

I had some free time this evening , scrolled through the Treasuries on etsy and found a couple of surprises, this one being my favorite by LilikoiDesigner
I loved the color and was actually surprised to see the Carnelian Wildflower on Pink featured when I just listed these ....

Titled Watermelon Pink - Vintage Enamel Earrings.
I recently invested (yeah, that's what I'm callin it and I dare you to argue) in a new batch of vintage beads, sat down with these first on the bead board and created until I had 10 pairs completed. Listed them in one evening, too. I felt so productive and generous really. I mean wasn't it such a kind and generous gesture to create these and offer them to etsy members?
My husband says I am a jewelry nerd, obsessed to the point of goofiness. Yep. I am.

Whatever it takes to keep the addiction fed.

I recently added new words to my etsy listing titles, 'Art' to the pendants and 'Vintage' to the vintage bead earrings. I noticed that 'art pendant' was a key word driving a lot of customers to my site from my google ad word campaign and well, vintage is still very hot so 'vintage enamel' is sure to bring in some interested collectors. I have a budget limit set for google ad words at $50.00 but I have never actually had to pay that because most people do not click over to my site. I am still learning.

There was a fascinating forum post on press releases that I hope to be able to follow up on, I have wanted to add more meaning to my work beyond simply decorating my fellow 30 to 40 year olds, something that will help other people in need. This might be a way to do it.
Using my gift to bless other people.

And now for something completely different;


  1. 'for' I always spell this as 'fro' which is never caught by spell check.
  2. 'pendant' this is bad... 'pendat'. Come on Shan, this is your livelihood!
  3. 'gorgeous' spelled 'gorgegous' every. single. time.
  4. 'silhouette' 'silhoruette' Sound it what is that about?
  5. 'vintage' newly discovered and rewritten as 'vinatge'
I could go on but you get the picture. I actually can blame someone else for this problem.
In high school when I took typing, we were only 2 weeks into the first semester when we suddenly got a gym teacher/coach as a substitute. He sat there and read Sports Illustrated while we did everything but learn how to type. The rumor was the previous teacher had a breakdown.
Imagine that! A high school teacher having a breakdown! How unusual.

If you stumbled upon this post and are asking yourself how to start a google ad word campaign, contact me through etsy conversations and maybe I can help.


  1. I understand you being a jewelry nerd. I am a total fiber nerd! (Says the girl who just dyed 70 silk scarves....) Afterward, I just stood in my basement staring at all of the colors, smiling to myself. Some would say it's odd behavior...I just think it's part of my charm.

  2. I'd be right there grinning at em with you.
    70!?! Holy Moly Cow!

  3. Beautiful treasury!

    That is a great color right now. My newest long necklace is that shade and it was in four treasuries within a week of listing it. Crazy.

    I think adding the words "art" and "vintage" will have those google searchers pouring in.

    I am toying with the idea of a Project Wonderful ad. Why is outside advertising scary for me? I have thrown away coutnless dollars on Showcases. Why not try something that might actually bring people to my shop?!?!

  4. Yep, 70. I dyed about 50 a few days later. Scarves are taking over my house!

  5. I was glad to have featured your lovely pendant in my Treasury! It is such a cool color - - melon-y!!



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