Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blue skies, talkin bout blue skies

I have been spending some time here... google earth
I travel the coasts all over the world looking for a good place to settle down.
Pinky asks daily when we are going to the beach. I feel the same way. I do not want to hear booming bass, but ocean waves. I want my children to run and run as far and long as they can before something stops them. I want to live off the grid and collect rain water, completely sustainable.
Eat from my husbands grill, wash vegetables from our garden, make jewelry and art from sea treasures washed ashore.
Maybe volunteer to teach kids how to make their own artist trading cards?
Watch my kids grow and learn in tune with the earth, not focused on material things and career success.

I also spend time here...
I just go down the list on the left side, feeling better after I read, able to apply what I've learned to my parenting. It's okay to not do things like everybody else. To pay attention to how my own unique family has different needs and adjust accordingly.

New Work!
I have actually had the pieces created and set aside for a long time, but I didn't want to list something that resembled another's work. But now, I think it's different enough to be my own.
I feel something has freed inside me, I can create what I what, when I want.


  1. i have been having the same thoughts lately.

    i am secretly wanting to move back out to the country. growing up i lived in the country. where i can grow my own vegetables, dry my clothes on the line, hearing only the traffic of the tractors farming the land. and have a studio from which to watch my boys play with frogs and whatnots.

    someday. hopefully soon.

  2. I will hope with you, md.

    Boys need that, not 8 hours of sitting at a rickety desk trying to fine tune undeveloped hand writing coordination, years before it is even relevant to their lives..

  3. i got that lovely mermaid! here's my page - let me know if there is still no one home because i posted and put four pics on there this morning. ttyl!!!

    laura lee

  4. I'm with you guys. I want to move home to my mountains and get the heck out of Charlotte for good.

    Shannon, your jewelry is one of a kind just as you are. I admire you so much for the way you care for your family and for how much you get done. Teach me please! :)

    Hi Misti!


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