Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blue Green for Matsuka

Oh, the interest and vibrancy of a blue green patina.
I was always attracted to colors like burgundy, dark lavender, midnight blue and black but my mom likes turquoise, aqua, and teal so I always had my eyes peeled for this color and it slowly became my own favorite, showing up in all sorts of projects from paper to jewelry.
I really began to enjoy it when I realized you could get an old, rusty, altered sort of look with it.

Whether it is swiping a dry brush of gesso over green glass, encasing blue jewels in gold clay, applying a patina over copper, wire-wrapping amazonite and teal pearls, I am consistently inspired to use the coolest of the cool!

So here is a collection of my favorite blue green pieces dedicated to my uber talented and inspiring Mom;


  1. I love all of these and I love patina'd copper. I can't ever pick a favorite color or color group, but I do love the teals, aquas, etc.

  2. LOVELY!!!! You have such an eye for the beautiful details in life.


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