Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Clarissa is a young widow. She has been mourning the loss of her beloved for 300 years now. She has no idea that there are others who mourn for her.

Although I am not experienced enough to be able to mentally picture a face and flesh it out in clay (yet), I find it enthralling to see a person come to life in my hands.
Their names and stories just come out, which is very fun!

Normally I work on items for sale well in advance before they are listed and marketed.
For instance the bezels that are just now beginning to sell in my store were created in May, photographed in June and listed in August. The items that will be listed next were created in July, and so on.
(This way there is always something in the works. I find it easiest to work in batches or I guess a more professional term would be 'series', lol. )

But the dolls are different. I still work in a series, the first consisted of 8 and they are special because of their hand made eyes, but once they are painted and their bodies filled, I create each costume individually, apply their hair, photograph the next day and list almost immediately after.
It's like introducing a new friend to other good friends.


  1. She's gorgeous and I love the background on each of your dolls that you provide.

  2. this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! wonderful work! you go, girl!

  3. Thank you so much, I needed to hear this!

    The background paper is one of those large flocked sheets from the paper studio.

  4. Oh dear... If she has been mourning for 300 years, no wonder her eyes are so big and sad! What a beautiful doll! ~Cindy Lietz

  5. Thank you, Cindy!
    I actually made a mistake ordering the incorrect size of eyes, but I love the weird look it gives them.


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