Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Bald Art Doll is Beautiful!

So I splurged on a few pairs of glass eyes and now that I have made a few dolls (a total of 22) I can correctly order the right size for their faces!
This doll is my current favorite. No name. No story. No hair.
She had a really fancy dress planned and I was thinking something like opera, but she feels done right now, as she is.
If fact I have already started on the next series. They are not positionable, rather threaded jointed dolls, but they are just as weird.
Pictures soon!


  1. She looks done to me, too. Doesn't need hair. She's beautiful without.

    Come on though! I love your stories!

    Denise (aka Wiggy)

  2. Well, look at her face... she looks sad but hopeful.
    But no story yet.

  3. She is beautiful without the hair. She looks as though she has lost it through a struggle with cancer that she has won. There is a sadness for what she has lost, but and inner strength that shines through. Like there is nothing to hide. Just a beautiful woman at peace with herself! ~Cindy Lietz

  4. She's defintitely done. She's a woman who knows who she is, and she's fine with it.

    I agree with polymerclaytutor. She reminds me of my mom when she was going through cancer treatment.

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