Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yvette the Librarian

Haughty, disapproving, and obsessed with ancient texts, Yvette spends all her time dusting and arranging books (according to the Dewey Decimal system) in the basement of The Library of St. Walburga at Zutphen in Holland.

She is by far the most normal of all my people. But again, they just sort of happen and I work until they say "Enough!". So normal she will stay.


  1. Oh mercy! She looks just like the librarian I had in grade school, except I don't think Mrs. Humphrey wore bloomers, but she might have at home! And your description was right on target, too!

  2. She's so dainty & lovely:) And I love how the ankles are demurely crossed (so lady-like!)

  3. Shes Fabulous!! In a very studious kinda way:) I love her MissFickle!

  4. MissFickle, just found you. She is very 1800s..She reminds me of Dr. Quinn. Love her! Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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