Monday, December 21, 2009

More for the Turning Leaf Collection....

Fortune's Wisdom Earrings

Companionship Necklace

Terms of Debt Necklace

Poetry in Leaves Bracelet

Copper Nest Necklace

Balance Necklace

Capable Gypsy Hoops

Augmenting Earrings

These are all pieces I crafted to compliment the Belle Armoire article that I thought was coming out in January. But it's out now, so I am trying to upload them to the slevart store in between last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping!

If you would like to purchase the completed charms by themselves to create your own jewelry with, I have a few left from this batch;

*Update - these have nearly sold out but no worries, I have a HUGE batch of different sizes setting in resin now. I believe they should be listed starting the 10th.

This is a very versatile technique. With slight adjustments made to the length of the wires, you can create a myriad of pieces, all unique. The photo below shows the leaves in brass, at only 3/4" of an inch long.

I found myself trying to create poetry from all the different words, sort of like those fridge magnets. There weren't enough words that made sense though, maybe I will plan a little more carefully next time. Anyway, I like to hang them from simple hammered hoops as you can see below;

Pertaining Earrings

I hope by reading the article you are encouraged to try your hand at soldering shaped and hammered wires. When they are shaped free form like this, it helps you relax and enjoy the process instead of trying to obtain perfection while you are learning something new, like soldering.
Until next time!


  1. Hey Shannon- I'd be interested in possibly getting a few of the charms... i'll see if I can catch you on facebook...

  2. Shannon, what a beautiful collection! I hope you have a lot of success with it. I see Lorelei is already getting some. That is fantastic. Happy Holidays to you and all the ones you love!

  3. Soooo lovely! Miss B was reading the magazine with me and I told her I knew you:) She loves it ALL. I suspect she'll be an artist one day as she's into color and texture and such. I think my favorite is the blue stunner necklace!!!

  4. Striking! My friends loved the gifts. Have a very merry Christmas! Regards, Kristin Linnea

  5. Sorry, I was just taking a quick look. Glad you husband is better! The odds for getting well after cancer are quite good now. Wishing you all the best!!

    And - the cover is sooo great!!

  6. I've subscribed through Google Reader! Love your work and great sense of humor....the "Holy Mother of all things nearly impossible" got me; so perfectly put. -Marlene


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