Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Years!

I gotta admit, I am super stoked about 2009 being over. It was a tumultuous year with extreme ups and downs and I need stability like you wouldn't believe. So bring it on 2010! My character has been strengthened, my wisdom has grown and I know myself better then ever before. How about you? Did you make any resolutions for your new year? I am still deciding on mine.....       

Guess what I received in the mail from the ad team at Somerset Studios?

Their new 2010 art calender! Oh, and is it bee-ut-tee-fullllll! With some of my favorite mixed media artists like Misty Mawn (on the cover) Vanessa Valencia, Lynn Perrella and Kristen Robinson, this was such a lovely surprise and much needed as I have to have a certain kind of calender in order to stay on top of things. I learned this about myself when my little Matsuke gave me a stunning calender from her trip to Italy filled with antique maps. I spent tons of time looking at it but it didn't have any American holidays and that is evidently how I keep track of my days; in direct correlation to the months special day of celebrating.

You can get your own special art calender here. It is not available at newsstands. Enjoy!

I have a year long project coming up. It is self imposed. Each month I am focusing on a word that has tremendous meaning to me. I mediate (um, that's my deep and profund way of saying that I search online through google until I find something that jives) on the word and decide what symbol the word conveys. I then figure out how to sculpt it in clay, give it an antique wash, seal it and demonstrate a jewelry project that you can use it in. I wanted to have it ready today, the first day of the new year, but the light is not cooperating with me. So maybe tomorrow night. 

Check back soon!


  1. I am so with you on wanting to get rid of 2009! It was a tumultuous year alright. I feel good times ahead for us though, Shannon. Bring on the Peace, Prosperity and Balance 2010! We certainly could use it!

    Looking forward to your word inspirations. It sounds like an exciting concept. Can't wait to see it!

  2. It will be fascinating to see what you do with your words, can't wait. And, not only is it a new year, but a new decade! Feels so clean and forward looking somehow.

    Best of luck for all your new work deserve it!

  3. I sincerely hope for better times for you and your family, Cindy. Please email me if you ever need to vent or just talk.

    Oh, Claire! That's a great word to focus on; Forward. We do not go backwards, we go forwards.
    Enjoy your fresh, clean new year!


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