Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yay!!!! They're finished!


Lots of leaf charms. Leaf charms with lotus pod slices....

 and Hydrangea flowers.....


 and sprinkled lavender ....

and tiny pressed red buds.....

and even mini leaves.....

I do not expect these to last long so I have already started a new batch. I switched to a jewelers grade of resin and although they take much longer to finish, I am really happy with the results. Very clear and hard resin that I will talk more about in another post .

You can purchase your very own leaf charms here!


  1. These are just beautiful - how fun!

    :-) Molly

  2. these are so gorgeous. i loooove the lotus pods. It is so exciting watching you develope such an interesting product. I feel like every time I check out your shop or blog you style has evolved and become even more unique.

  3. These are adorable, maybe my budget will let me afford some when you make the next batch.

  4. Love them! I love working with resin and what you have done is wonderful!

  5. The leaf charms are wonderfully mysterious. I love this new work!

  6. Lovely! Resin is another medium I have yet to play with. You make me want to go out and play with it today! :)

  7. Ooo I'd like to find out more about the resin you're using. I am just starting to play with resin a bit and have been testing a UV type. Would love to hear what you're doing. These charms are awesome! As all your stuff is. I hope these leaves blow right out your door and into the homes of others just as soon as they can!


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