Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I don't care if it's winter and spring is coming and I'm

supposed to be all "ohhhhhh, fresh growth, pretty pastels and new life!". I just don't. I'm stuck here....

Among Leaves.


  1. oh, how funny that you posted this! who knows where i will be next week, i only know that colors crept into my work because of the sari silk that i chose with my heart and not my head... so looking forward to meeting the little heart!!

  2. Thank you, Judy!

    Marie - just ignore my attitude. :) I wrote this before I saw your spring post. I like how you do spring!

  3. you have me laughing..
    it's difficult to think of pastels the first week of Feb when everyone is still wrapped up in a bundle of sweaters..
    plus leaves are always wonderful

  4. I have to agree. It's cold. And dark. And barren. Hard to think about bright spring flowers and blue skies. *shiver* Hopefully soon though...?

  5. I'm with you sistah! I seem to stick with bold, bright or earthy colors, but usually not pastels.....

    Beautiful pieces!!!!


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