Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keep your enemies near

and your art supplies nearer.

This is Pinky's bedside every morning. What you do not see are the bits of paper littering her bed and floor, the handmade paper masks over her baby doll faces, the books she "made art" in and the pictures she used a glue stick to adhere to the walls. What amazes me most is that she does this sometime between 11 pm and 6 am. We tuck her in at 8, then check on her again before we go to bed and she looks like an angel, sound asleep, silky blanky arranged neatly over her body. Then in the morning we go into her room to wake her and this is what greets us, evidence of a huge, art making fiesta.
Mike gets mad; "She can't do this!" She will be too tired to learn at school." "We will take away her art box!"
I laugh inside, thinking "Over my dead body." This girl is learning way more then her kindergarten class is teaching her. Besides I would committ first degree murder to have the kind of creative force that
WAKES ME FROM MY SLEEP and drives me to create in the middle of the night.
That's awesome. 

We finally drew our name for our Ardent give-a-way!
The winner is
Pinky and I are going to wrap this up today and ship it off to Lisa tomorrow.
Thank you to everyone who left their name, Pinky was delighted that so many people would have liked to have one of "her heart beads". 


  1. She creates when the spirit moves her! Too funny...little pinky.

  2. wow! definitely something to be nurtured. school schmool. a night owl's a night owl.

  3. pinky is my hero!! and so are you for not taking away that art box... what a wonderful art elf you have! i will treasure the art that she made for me...
    thank you so much for sharing that shannon...

  4. That is so cute. Does Pinky remember doing it, or is it like sleepwalking? We do get some of our best ideas in the middle of the night, right?

  5. Show us her creations! That is so awesome!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting me!I'm so glad you did...your work is beautiful! I see we are both sari silk fans!! I'll be back again to visit! Hugs

  7. That is so cool. My daughter is a reader, she says I am the only mom that ever said "Your books will be in time out if you don't go to sleep!"

  8. Aww!! That's so awesome! I think we'd all kill to have a drive like that :)

  9. Oh how perfectly wonderful!!! I raised a daughter who is very much the same. It started when she was 18 months. She would sit up in her youth bed turn the light on grab her coloring book and fat crayolas color until she was tired again put her supplies on the night stand turn the light off and go back to sleep. The only rule was she had to stay in bed. As she got older the rule changed to staying in her room and using only her art supplies. When we got up in the morning like you we were greeted with lovely magical art. :) I found she would listen to her little body and go back to bed when she was sleepy. To this day getting up and making art is how both Mette and her mum (me) handle those sleepless nights.

    Maybe telling Pinky's papa that taking her art box away won't prevent her from waking up at night. And if she doesn't have her art supplies right there to satisfy her creative need she is likely to go hunting for "supplies" and that has potential disaster written all over it!! :) You are doing a fabulous job Little Mama!!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  10. Go Pinky! Whatever she's got, I'll take some of! (my husbands side of the bed looks a bit like that ;-)

  11. What a wonderful gift to follow her muse at any given time, without constraints. Please share her artwork, I would love to see her creations, and so would everyone else!

  12. Awesome a creative genius in the making.

  13. I will definitely scan some of her art work to post. As soon as I can figure out our new scanner!

  14. gotta love a creative kid! they will find a way.

    mine likes to go 'shopping' in my studio. it gets ugly when my tools go missing. :)


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