Friday, February 19, 2010

You just can't go wrong in head to toe black, feathers and sequins.

(photo by David Phillip) 

As someone who would most likely break both ankles immediately upon stepping out onto an ice rink, I have always been in awe of figure skating. The woman's is undeniably beautiful, but the men's is exciting; a fascinating mixture of athletic skill, dance, feminine costuming and powerful leaps.
I favor the short program as my attention tends to wander during the long, however, Evan Lysacek kept me riveted during both his programs and a crush soon followed.
I think I'm growing up.
In 2006, it was Shaun White. That wild child. 
I've always had a thing for red heads but this guy was like the poster boy for all those loser skater boys that grew up and made something out of themselves when no one thought they would.
And of whom I am still very, very proud of.

Total U.S. medals so far; 20
We are so awesome!!!!

(This is not to alienate my international friends at all. It's just that with our school system failing to educate, our divorce rate higher then ever and our crime rate at a sickening level, we have to have some pride in something.)

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  1. you made me laugh - thanks!! my 11 yr. old got a shaun white shirt from target yesterday - he was beaming! we are long time fans...


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