Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look what I found

Isn't that something!?!
It is by Metamorphosi.
I do not have $800.00 but oh if I did, this would be perfect hanging over my bead desk. I can see the light coming in the large kitchen window, shining through the glass as I sit in my comfie chair.
It is made from recycled glass. SO I would be supporting the arts AND saving the earth.


  1. It looks like something you could make!

  2. MMM I was thinking the same as Mary :-) It is fab but expensive.

  3. Very nice! Got me thinking how to make something similar... :)

  4. Miss Pam,

    How funny when the soul of an artist see's such a lovely piece of magic it instantly triggers their brain to start imagining what they can do with the concept!!! :) Haha Even I when I laid eyes on this beauty thought hmmmmmmmm how can I....?? :) Then I see that the art sisters who have already left coments have thought the same thing!! :) Gives all new meaning to "like minds..." don't you think??? :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  5. OMGOSH,

    I'm so sorry Shannon!!!! I have not excuse for mixing up names and forgetting who's blog I'm visiting. Well maybe I could blame it on PMMLS (Post Menopausal Memory Loss Syndrome) :) Hmmmm not buying that one??? Okay I'm back to a sincere apology!!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  6. Okay, let's break this down;
    First, we would need to think of it. Or a version of it that is uniquely ours.
    Sketch it out so we know roughly how much glass and filament is needed.
    Then we need to find the driftwood, mark holes and drill through it.
    Then we need to get our hands on hundreds of glass bottles, that would take hours. To find ones that graduate in color like that; weeks.
    Then we have to teach ourselves how to measure, cut and grind glass and fuse it into its rounded edge shape. But how many of each color would it take? You would have to lay out all the circles, probably go back and create more to fill in gaps. Plus this isn't something you just do and everything is perfect, we would make mistakes, waste some materials and spend triple the amount of time creating the recycled glass pieces.

    And have you tried to balance a mobile? Oh my Lord! That is one of life's most difficult tasks. Achieving balance in a mobile takes math and science and numerous attempts.(So we are up to a months worth of work now).
    Then you have to assemble it, make sure it stays assembled and transport it safely to it's destination, then hang it without completely destroying it. I can't even hang a picture without wanting to put my hammer through the wall in frustration.
    Or keep it in pieces, transport it and put it back to together FOR THE SECOND TIME. You can't just assemble it there with hopes that you did everything correctly. You wouldn't know until it was hung up if it is balanced or if the glass hangs the right way. And if it wasn't, you would have to go back and take even more time fixing it, making more glass pieces, measuring and cutting the filament to hang them with. You would have to rearrange what you already did too. See how it flows, it isn't too bunched up in some areas? That takes a special eye, one with experience.

    I think $800 is a heck of a deal.


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