Thursday, April 29, 2010

My husband has a job

This directly translates into more raw materials for me. 
That's 10 pounds of raw metal for me.
I wish you were here to help me unpack it.
Instead I had to hand off to my 9 year old son who was quite disgusted that I had not in fact ordered 
"A Monster Slayer"

He says " Is it an M14?"
"No. It's raw copper. You know, so I can make it look old."  
"So you didn't get an actual monster slayer? Cause even a shotgun would work for zombies"
"Gross, Christian."
"Or a chain saw"
"Now you're just trying to upset me."
"Why do they call it monster slayer?"

To which I had no answer.


  1. Let Christian know that I've wondered the same thing!

  2. how to arm yourself with info - monsterslayer has an explanation on their site for their name... and don't get me started on zombies... we do zombie walks in my house, have had the 'plan' in case of an outbreak - it's crazy!! enjoy all of your copper - going to show you what i made with my cuff tomorrow... wore it to em's play!!

  3. I can't wait to have a little boy who wants to play Army all day. :) Have fun with the new goods!

  4. just wanted to make sure you found it:

  5. Very funny! And congrats on your husband getting a job, that's fabulous. Thank you so much for your visit and kind words. Can't wait to see what beauties you make from the new supplies!! Take care, Riki

  6. That is precious...the metal and the boy! I am looking forward to what you do to slay it.
    Enjoy the day!

  7. Funny post :D Congrats to your hubby. Now my hubby needs a new job so that I can get my material groove going.

  8. You know, you could just cut out the middle man and have your husband actually get paid in metal.

    I always wondered about the Monsterslayer site, too. Can't wait to see what you do with the new goodies!

  9. Does your son have a zombie apocalypse survival plan? If so, he is one smart cookie.

  10. Bwaaaahahahahaha!!!

    Congrats to your hubby!! And yay for all your new copper!

  11. Your son sounds like mine did at that age ... they are a riot. Are they born knowing that kind of stuff? I never taught him! I read your article on FeedBlitz and over identified with it. Half the time my studio is on my lap tray. I am in a town house with no basement, a small guest bedroom, an office (for actual work!) and the master bedroom. That leaves some space in my kitchen that has overflowed into my garage. I swear I will never try a new medium so I don't have to buy more materials or tools but is that possible when all you want to do is make stuff? My mainstay is beading and primarily seed beads because they're small but I would love to get into what you do. I can't tell you how much your work appeals to me and I'll never get to do it for myself. Kudos, Babe! The laundry can wait!

  12. Maire - that's awesome! Thanks for the link!

    Thank you to everyone who said congrats on the hubby's job. That meant a lot to me.

    I want him to manage my business as he has the midas touch, every sad little store he has been given goes up in profit and becomes a top selling store in the district.

  13. Either one is beautiful! I think I prefer the non-patina myself, which is odd, cause I'm a patina whore :-)


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