Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some new work, an interview and cuteness

This is a a little late. But still worthy of a post.
I mentioned Mary Ann Carroll before and how we had some kind of a mind meld. Well, I recently stole the opportunity to create actual whole pieces of jewelry with some of the chains and beads that complimented each other so well.
 The Waterfall

Dappled Forest
The Dredging

And there's more. So many more with so few sun lit hours to photograph.

A confession; 
I put all my planned components into baggies with their clasps, wire, cording etc. I then filled a box with these baggies and climbed into bed at 9pm each night for 3 weeks. I subscribed to netflicks (our local movie rental place went out of business) which has instant access to all sorts of tv shows from satellite channels we do not subscribe to, like hbo. I happened upon Spartacus and was sucked in. For 3 Weeks!
It was so hedonistic, I indulged in jewelry making and watching a show I know my mama wouldn't approve of, in bed, early in the evening for 3 weeks. Snacks were involved. It was awesome. I am looking forward to when I can do it again.
Maybe with the Tudors.
Anyway, most of what I created is heavy, a little dark and super sexy.
Mary Ann was kind enough to ask me if I was interested in an interview for the Beads of Clay Blog and I was like "Heck yeah. I totally love to talk about myself."
Cause I know you all love a peek behind the green curtain. ;)

And finally The Cuteness herself;
She loves her Grammy's garden. Loves flowers of all kinds. Demands that I cut her roses from the rose bushes and place them in a crystal vase next to her bed. She's 5. How does this happen? The diva like behavior? What is touching is she actually cries when the flowers die. She can't stand it, she doesn't understand why something so beautiful has to go away. I guess I don't either.
Is it so we can teach our selves to stop and appreciate the fleeting beauty in our lives?
To prepare ourselves for the passing of all things our eyes behold, the specialness that can be gone so quickly?


  1. yeh...I think that sounds like the ultimate in decadence!
    And that little flower princess sure is cute! My Tiny Dancer daughter has the same love of flowers, but it isn't an every day sort of thing. The impermanence of beauty is a good lesson. To find the beauty in all things, especially the grungey grittiness of life is a good thing to learn. Thanks for sharing! I am off to read more about you.
    Enjoy the day!

  2. LOVE the dappled forest necklace! And the lockdown necklace is indeed super sexy! That is a great lock!

  3. I love the way the ceramic beads look with your chain-beautiful! I do the same thing now and then- make up "kits" and settle in with some movies. Best of both worlds!

  4. what a great post! what snacks were involved?

  5. I am so jealous of your beading in bed/movie watching bonanza! That sounds like absolute heaven. I love what you created, too!

    Oh, and be glad she just wants roses. With my kid, I've been through a snail phase, a lizard phase and we are now into worms. He brought one home from school in a cup the other day and wanted it to spend the night on his bedside table.

    Yeah, I'll take roses any day!

  6. These pieces rock, they so rock!! I love the 'Lock Down' makes me thinks of chastity belts and hee hee my hubby (um not that we get up to anything freaky, yep, I know too much info!!) ;)

    Your daughter reminds me of my 4 yr old, recently when she wasn't feeling well I brought her some flowers that I picked on a walk home, I told her it was to help her feel better.

    She also had a sad moment a few days later when they died, she wanted them to feel better like she was feeling and couldn't understand why replanting them wouldn't bring them back to life.

    Looking at the world through our kids eyes helps to keep us grounded.

    Off to read up on your interview.

  7. I got to do that one night when my husband was working a long shift. Two movies, a soda and jewelry making!! It was decadent! I hope to get to do it again :) I love all the pieces you made, they are so fun! Just one question, who's fabulous neck is that?? Her skin looks perfect! If it's you, you are a blessed woman :)

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I've wanted to "patina" my brass & copper jewelry components for awhile. After I searched the library & internet looking for "formulas/recipes" for the patinas,
    I felt sooo overwhelmed...I just gave up. Your beautiful work has given me new inspiration! Now I can purchase your components, make my jewelry, & still have time to find the "formulas/recipes" I can work with.

  9. You Go Girl!!!

    Life is about those little indulges!! Wow if these incredible pieces are the result of watching Spartacus, I can't wait to see what watching the Tudors will inspire!!

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  10. beautiful jewelry, great interview, cute story - so satisfying! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love the chunkiness of your pieces and bold statement they make. Cuteness is adorable! As for the flowers dying - we can reframe that into the "circle of life" (yes, a Lion King reference) - they're not dying they're going back to the earth to become part of next year's blooms.

    And now I'm off to play the soundtrack to Lion King ;-)


  12. Awesome jewelry!!
    As for your grandaughter . . what a great way to spoil her.

  13. What a cutie indeed, and she has splendid taste! Beautiful jewelry pieces all, thanks for the eye candy!

  14. This is just the best!
    I totally understand.
    Also, just so you know, I was saying, I love it, I love it, I love it, the entire time I was reading your entry!

    jean xox

  15. Ohhhhh Spartacus got me too! We are a simple, basic programming kinda household, but Spartacus and Nurse Jackie got me! Dang that Free Weekend showing of them both. Now I have BOTH Starz and Showtime added to my line-up! Ahhhh! And when is Spartacus coming back????? I am having some serious withdrawls! :)

    LOVE the jewelry! Keep up the great work lady! Take care!



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