Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Last Lavender and Gray Druzy


The next kit made available will be Pink Peruvian Opal with Teal Sari Silk and accents of tiny seed pearls, a sparkling mix of seed beads and copper heishi.

Each kit contains a slab bead of gorgeous Pink Peruvian Opal that measures a whopping 30 to 35mm long and its forged copper frame has been created to fit each individual stone. Yep! The soldering has been done for you!
Here are feedback comments from customers that purchased the first kits made available;
"Glorious Product"
from redhen258 
"This is exquisite!"
from thepinkraven 
"wunderschönes Schmuckzubehör und tolles Tutorial, Danke!!!"
("beautiful jewelry accessories and great tutorial, Thanks!")
from perlenmops
These kits are created to be enjoyed! Original, textural and FUN!


  1. So cool, what a great idea to package those up in kits. And they are adorable! You do rock Shannon. Riki

  2. These are both gorgeous, Shannon. I can't decide which one I like better! Where on earth did you find such amazing pieces of pink opal - I love that!

  3. That sari fabric is so special! The colors are spectacular and it has such a unique texture with the raw edges.

    BTW (which is really why I stopped by), I have given you a "Kreativ Blogger" award! Come by and check it out!


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