Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did you hear?

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James Mcavoy is going to be in the next X-Men movie. He is cast as a young Charles Xavier. 

 This almost makes up for the fact that I will not get to see Wolverine with his shirt off.


  1. I did not hear. Hmm... well I'm intrigued. I wonder if there will be a young Magneto.

  2. as we are huge marvel movie fans, we had heard... looove him! did you hear that edward norton has been removed from 'the avengers'? not so happy about that... and emily wants you to know that michael fassbender will be young magneto...

  3. I love X-Men! And now a prequel! Sweet! Been a Patrick Stewart fan from way back. The face! The voice! He wore the Star Trek unisuit well too. Too bad he'll apparently be absent in this next one...

  4. are an X-Men fan, too? I just KNEW we were kindred spirits!!!

  5. I LOVE James McAvoy. I think he'll do the part justice.

  6. I wonder how they're going to pull this off. I used to be a fan of the comic books back in the day. I guess as long as it's in the "spirit" of the comic books is all the matters. There are over 40 years worth of stories to be told and many of them have been redone several times.

    And... you never know... Wolverine is a lot older than he looks. They'll probably have Hugh Jackman running around naked anyway.

    Oh... and they're making another Wolverine movie set in Japan. So, there you go.

  7. You're an X-Men fan too! What could be better than Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman together? That Luke kid's pretty cute, too :)

  8. Oh geez. I meant James. That James kid is pretty cute. I need a vacation.

  9. he is so cuuuuuuuteeeeeeee!
    need I say more?

    xox jean!

    mairedodd: ed norton out of a movie? darn. I like his work.

    my kid has a great comic book blog online. He is a really good reviewer. It is his hobby, and has been since he was a tween. He has two kids of his own, now!

  10. I had no idea! I love James McAvoy, too, don't see him often enough....or at all :( Cannot wait til that new one comes out. I hope it doesn't take long, love those movies.


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