Friday, August 20, 2010

I never wear white.

 It would be like a ghost trying on a different white sheet, asking "Is this more my color?"

But sometimes it looks soooooo pretty!

I'm thinking of making this;
I know, there I go again, painfully out of season. This would have been perfect for Spring, but noooooo, here it is almost September and I am pulling out the pastel flowers and butterflies. Maybe I should send it in to a magazine for next year? Then I would be ahead, not behind!
Did you see that, how I just twisted the time/space continuum to suit my needs?

I used the other flower to create this necklace;

Which version do you like better?
I imagine this one on a dark skinned beauty with big silver hoops. I wish I could afford models. I think they really bring creations to life.

I'll just have to make due until Kella decides to come over from the U.K. and pose for me.


  1. i like them both and i think that whether you send them off to a pub or post them for sale or send them to a gallery, they will sell... there are some people who do wear soft pastels all year... and some for whom butterflies hold symbolic importance... you were moved to make them, and you did - they are soft and beautiful...

  2. I like the both...but I kind of see winter in these too....all of the frosty white look.
    Bead Happy!

  3. Love the white. I think the second version is my favorite. And I don't know- Winter White is very chic I think. I love soft white sweaters. They look fabulous with pearls. These just might be more versatile than you think:)

  4. Both are great, but I think the second is my fav! Love the sari ribbon.

  5. i like both..something about the first one draws my eye.
    put a dark linen/taupe colored sweater on the model and that white would be beautiful for winter.

  6. Butterflies are timeless! I love both of these necklaces and some people do prefer soft light colours.

  7. I'm kinda crush'in on the first one.

  8. Second version. White is ALWAYS in; just depends on the shade. I love the yummy textures in this piece. The subtle color and material changes are wonderful. Absolutely, most definitely submit it. - Marlene

  9. Frost on the leaves in fall. There is nothing better. I love it. And I actually thought frosty rather than springy. But send it in to a publication! You are ahead of the game on that!
    Enjoy the day!

  10. I think you should make both necklaces but I think you NEED to make the top one, its just too pretty! I would definitely wear it all year round. And the white - it kind of looks like a frosted scene. It'd be gorgeous whenever you make it.

  11. Frosty for sure and I love it!!!!

  12. I'm feelin' partial to the first one - but that's because I'm a sucker for anything with a butterfly on it. Oh, and I'm also the queen of making "out of season" jewelry - like pulling out all my beachy stuff in the middle of January. So what? The muse drags us around as her whims dictate, right?

    And wearing white? With a boychild in the house? Um, yeah, right. All it does is make a great background for sticky, dirty fingerprints.

  13. I'm liking the second one myself, though they are both great! You should send it in, then it will be there! Love them! Riki

  14. Hello Shannon, popped by cause I was getting lots of hits on my blogshop via your blog, couldn't figure out why then I read the post, thanks for making me burst out laughing, :D

    I have to agree with everyone, my intial feeling of these two beautiful pieces was of winter frost, so I think they would be perfect for the winter months so you are right on the ball, and for sure send them to some magazine publications for the upcoming months you might just get in their deadline dates.

    Had a quick read up of all I have been missing too, I new you had taken a little break from blogging but didn't realise you had restarted. I missed out on soooo much and you and the family look like you guys are having a great summer.

    I'll be sure to pop back more often keep sweet.

  15. You know, I never thought of frost! Thank you, you wonderful women!

  16. Oh, they look great both of them. I think the first one will be absolutely wonderful. And I too was thinking winter white. White looks great on any coloured or darker clothing which many of us tend to wear in wintertime.

    I am also so happy that you have managed to stretch time-space-continuum at your side of the Atlantic ocean. Yesterday we had a warp-hole appearing very near us, when a cyclist was mysteriusly gone for about a minute. But then she showed up again...

    I definately think you should send them in to a magazine. Would be a great project to see.


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