Thursday, August 12, 2010

Precious Metal Clay Designs

 After the Studio Saturday post for the Art Bead Scene Blog on July 31st, I was delighted to have several friends email me, surprised with the new choice of media.  I realized that I had no online record of my past pmc collection and that it seemed like a new thing I was experimenting with. In actuality, I have created with precious metal clay since 2006 when I first encountered Sherri Haab's wonderful book; 

 This book is easy to read and gives simple instructions along with inspiring projects that get you started creating your own metal clay items to make jewelry with. I love this book and in spite of several publications having been released since then, it still instructs and inspires me (and it's only $10.00 on Amazon right now!). My goal is to create beads from metal clay but I am still a ways away from that level of skill!

Peridot CZ in Fine Silver Star Fish with Teal Freshwater Pearls.
So here are a few of my favorite pieces made from precious metal clay. I seemed to pair them with freshwater pearls a lot as the satin sheen of the oxidized and brushed metal clay complimented the soft glow of the pearls
Dark Teal Freshwater Pearls with Tide Pool Fine Silver Charms

 Champagne CZ set in Filigree Imprinted Fine Silver Shield

Cameo Cabochon on Hand Built Fine Silver Band

Detailed Wing Molded from Brass Charm and Paired with Faceted Moonstone and Freshwater Pearl

Imprint of a Single Cattail on Fine Silver and hung from Hand Dyed Silk

Rustic Sapphire set in Fine Silver on Hand Built Band

Peridot CZs set in Molded Nautilus Shells from Czech Glass Beads

Queen Ann's Lace Imprinted in a circle of Fine Silver, Strung with Freshwater Pearls
A pressed Flower Coated in Fine Silver Paste then Soldered onto a Band of Sterling Silver
And finally my piece de resistance......
 This pendant is a whopping 2" in length and is created from a mold I made of Michelle Ward's Flourish stamp. Embedded with a hidden bail and simply strung with brilliant emerald green freshwater pearls, it is my favorite piece to date!
If you have a soldering board and a butane torch you are halfway to creating your own metal clay master pieces! It really is that easy. Sure, as you create you are driven to accomplish more challenging pieces, but I believe that starting is half the battle. I enjoy the added step of tumbling my metal clay pieces now so I can feel more secure of their durability for my customers but I will always look back at these first pieces and remember the amazement of creating in pure, hard, fine silver.


  1. Wow! I love the pieces but especially your piece de resistance.

  2. Great work! Now I understand the kiln love. Have you done anything with the bronze or copper?

  3. These are gorgeous, you've really done some amazing things with this medium. I was bummed to find out about all the supplies that you needed to do PMC....oh well, back to my itty bitty beads, a needle, and thread!

  4. these PMC pieces are stunning,
    you are so the stones inset on them.
    more PMC !

  5. thank you for sharing this shannon, pmc has been prodding at me - asking for a chance to play... maybe i will... but i will definitely pick up that book - and i love your pieces!

  6. everything you touch is beauty.

    I am amazed at your talent.

    But not surprised!

    xox jean

  7. Wow!!!!
    These pieces are gorgeous!! I especially love the queen anne's lace! ( I am such a sucker for a pretty weed)
    Awesome work!


  8. Those pieces are fantastic! You are such a talented artist! I think I should pick this book up...

  9. I want to learn! You have inspired me! Beautiful, beautiful pieces!

  10. Beautiful pieces! I've always wanted to try PMC but thought a kiln was required. But am I reading correctly that a butane torch will do the trick? If that's the case, I might be trying a new medium in the near future!!!

    Thanks for sharing your 'other side' with us.

  11. I so agree - I used Sherri Haab's book, too, when I first started using metal clay. I really like the way your Queen Anne's Lace impression turned out.

  12. What awesome pieces. I am IN LOVE WITH those earrings with the dark blue pearls.! I took a PMC class two years ago, bought all the stuff to continue including a torch and haven't done a thing with it since then. Everything is packaged up in my disaster area of a studio. Some day...

  13. Wowza and yummo.
    I took two classes with Sherri Haab at Bead & Button. That reminds me that I never did post about them (metal clay pendant with embellished faux bone tile and E3 etching). Now that I have some more time I think those things are going to come out and play! I don't have this book, but knowing what Sherri is like I would say that her style is so accessible and makes it so demystified in the process. These are stunners and I love that they are simply strung with pearls (my favorite).
    Enjoy the day!

  14. I too was almost all PMC not too long ago, but it just got soooo expensive. Great to find alternative materials to play with. Your pieces are wonderful. Hugs, Riki

  15. I love all of them! My PMC is on its way and I plan to start out making rings. Wish me luck!

  16. Thanks for sharing! your flourish necklace is really special.


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