Sunday, August 15, 2010

So this isn't exactly Silver Parrots Bead Porn

But hey, not everyone feels okay with using their grocery money just to buy a few extra (hundred) beads.
(she knows I jest.)
I did however, feel it would be okay if maybe, just this once (you don't see my nose growing), I purchased a few rare pieces of stone beads to create with, or maybe just hoard for years.

I rationalized this purchase because these were somewhat rare cuts and types and they wouldn't always be available. Yep, I can manipulate my own mind like that.

 Gold Coral in a teardrop shape.
This is such an interesting bead, completely smooth but it looks as if it has holes all over.

I have always wanted some of these and this large, puffed oval will make for wonderful bracelet focal stones! 

Utah Wonderstone in a faceted free form nugget.
I learned of this stone through Lorelei and it is fast replacing Botswana as my all time favorite stone!
 Flower turquoise carved into....
But it is all rustic and vieny looking and has the most wonderful creamy, neutral, pinkish taupe coloring. I wish I had money to buy more of this particular piece, I have several designs in mind and I want to see them all!
Okay, so that is my bead purchase! Thanks for enjoying them with me!


  1. Awseome bead porn Shannon! The Gold Coral is fabo and unique and the Utah Wonderstone is just gorgeous! I love the ivory with the red lines through it. You know I think I am going to go talk mom into going to our favorite bead store and look at some gemstones (we havn't bought beads in a while). That should be a good excuse instead of working in the studio :)
    Have a great weekend and have fun with those beads! I can't wait to see what is created.

  2. Gorgeous stones! I would eat macaroni for a week if I had to so I could buy those! I just adore the turquoise flower!

  3. Nice choices!! Love that Utah ...stone... already forgot the name. It's gorgeous!! Enjoy creating with them :)

  4. I had some of those cross stones a couple of years ago -- they're hard to find! You'll have to email me if you want to see the necklace I made. I used pink Peruvian opal and it was one of my first asymmetric necklaces.

    I love your photos! Gimme the bead porn! :-) (I can't believe I just wrote "porn" on someone's blog....)

  5. Those are wonderful. I love the chaistolite - I have never heard it. I will have to research it. And that flower is awesome. Love bead porn!!!

  6. ...must resist....don't run out and buy those stones..... can't spend money.....sooo pretty!

  7. Okay, first of all, it's not HUNDREDS. And, grocery money is overrated. You'd be surprised how good cat food can taste. I even have recipes I can send you...

    Love what you got - especially that Utah Wonderstone. Although, every time I write that I feel like I should be yelling it out as if it were the name of a superhero. WOOOOOOONNNNNDERRRRSTONNNE to the rescue!

    Okay, maybe not.

  8. They are all just gorgeous, I can see why you went for them. Enjoy creating!


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