Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We have the fun house

It is Mike and I's goal to have the place all the young people go to. We hope to have a game room when the kiddos are older. But for now, in the last hot days of summer, we have them confined to a netted trampoline.

Please note how Pinky tends to look like a fashion model no matter what she is doing.

The goal of this particular kiddo invented game was for one team to throw a member over to the other team and if the other team could take them down, the team that threw their member lost points and the team that brought them down gained points. In the photo above Boo, er, Rex is about to be taken down. I don't even know one of the kids in there, he just showed up and started playing.
I love that about kids, now days you have to ask permission to befriend someone on facebook, but with kids you just start playing and work out differences as you go along. We lose that as adults. We expect proper etiquette and connections and crap.
I think I'd rather just wrestle you for points. 


  1. Looks like amazing fun! I remember loving trampolines when I was younger - I wouldn't mind having a bounce around on one now to be honest! Your wee girl is gorgeous as always.

  2. They look like they are having so much fun! Too bad, we as adults, do lose that ability. I like your idea, "Let's just wrestle for points." That sounds like a grand plan. Have a great rest of the summer!

  3. Thats really cute that Pinkys always looking so wonderful fashion modelly little self! You live in the country? It looks soothing. I remember the games as I kid we played yup you just got in there and played..and things sorted themselves. I wouldnt trade that for anything!

  4. Oh, to be a kid was far simpler then, wasn't it :-) If I were you, I'd be jumping up onto that trampoline as soon as the kids weren't looking...weeeeeee! ;-)

  5. Oh my, that looks like a lot of fun!

  6. Reading this post mde me think that I was reading about our home, this summer girls have a ton of neighbourhood friends and they all seem to be at our house, which is just how I always wanted it to be, my mom was the same and so was my grandfather, his reason was at least he knew where his kids were and who their friends were, which makes perfectly good sense.

    At times this summer though I have felt a bit arrgh about the lack of quiet time but hey it will soon be winter and the shorter days will soon bring us more than enough quiet moments. Summer is almost over and my girls have had a grand time, which makes me very happy indeed.

    PS Pinky so reminds me of my little one, who new fashionestas started so young :)

  7. Pinky is a fasionista! I love that you have the fun house too bad we can't all be as easy going as we allow our kids to be! Hey wait I want to come over!!!! Can I play?


  8. Shoulda, coulda, Prada Honey, Pinkys got it going on.

    I'm still a kid at heart. It keeps me young.

  9. I was pondering over the fact that when we become adults, we turn our selves into work machines that even sometimes think that idea for some fun is far fetched, that's what I like about kids, they just don't need introductions to make some friends and have a good time. The trampoline really does look really inviting! I am planning to get an canopy soon to cover an area for my kids to play safely in from Car Canopy .Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos, really brought back some memories :)


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