Monday, August 9, 2010

Well, Hello There August

It's a hundred and two here. And I am hot and soggy. You know, the kind of hot where you go the whole day with that band of sweaty brasserie? You feel gross all day long even in the air conditioner. Ugh.

What have you been up to? Are you getting a child ready for school? We are. Pinky LOVES to collect her school supplies and she is insisting on a bunch of jeans to wear with cute and frilly shirts. She wants her hair done up in 5 face framing piggy tails and she has asked for pink, red and purple eyeshadow. Whu!?!?!
She is going into first grade, where does she think eyeshadow is going to put her on the social ladder?
It's good to see her focusing on the academics though... :)

Mike and I have been working on a database to help us stay on top of inventory. No more re-listing something I thought I had more of and then scrambling to re-make it to match the picture when it sells. Yay for getting organized!

I have also been writing a tutorial for patinas. This will be the nuts and bolts of the process, the tried and true solution compared to the stuff that just doesn't work. I am really excited to share this but making sure everything is explained in detail requires me to focus and I need quiet! It is not quite here, we usually have about 4 to 5 kids in and out and Mike is a chatter box. Seriously, he talks constantly. It would be cute if it wasn't so distracting.

I am torn between these 2 possibilities for the cover, which one do you like?

 I am setting up a photo shoot next week for the stepped out instructions and then the editing begins! That's how I put myself to sleep. Snore. As the photos are edited and placed in the document where the corresponding steps are I have my mama, the editor, proof read for me and I go back to make corrections.     
 Once the draft has been finalized, I send it to a few friends and have them try it out. Depending on their reactions, sometimes I have to re-do a page or two or find a new resource but usually at that point it is done! 
 Then and only then can I make it available to the public.
 As I was telling my friend Laura, anybody can dunk something into a solution, but taking the time to seal it properly will set you apart as a professional. I've learned a few things over the past 14 months that will help you apply the patinas, protect and use the patinas in your hand crafted artisan jewelry. I am so excited to have this out there! The book is still a ways away but it will remain project focused and include color recipes in addition to suppliers of raw metal.

I am looking forward to visiting blogs again. I think I have a better attitude now and can be a more positive and supportive commenter for my blogging buddies!


  1. Yes, I don't understand the fascination with make-up for a child. My niece, who is 8, loves to put the stuff on. Hello, 8!!!! Ok, my prudishness is coming through.
    No kids to get back to school, just myself getting ready to head back to school - NOOOOO. Though I am only going to be a studio tech for my ceramics teacher and my metals teacher, so that should be fun and interesting!
    I love the cover of the first book, though both are fabo! I am so excited that you are making tutorials and I can't wait till they come out. I hope you have a great rest of the summer!

  2. I like the 2nd cover. As someone who never works with wire, (unless you count jump rings) I would like to know that the technique is versatile before I purchased a tutorial. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations on your tutorial. I'm looking forward to its release!

  4. I love the first edition of the cover but feel like the colored chains might be crowding the words.
    Great to hear an update on your recent activities!


  5. I love the first cover!

    1st grade and eye shadow whew you have your hands full!


  6. LOVING the first pic with all the chains reaching up towards the title. All those colors lined up side-by-side are so appealing.

    Yay for getting to this point with the tutorial AND back to blogging!

  7. your authenticity makes me sigh and smile when i visit... it is going to be fun seeing pinky grow up... when i was in 2nd grade we had to draw a picture of what we wanted to be - i was a scientist with big hoop earrings, tie dye jeans and platform sandals... go figure!
    i vote for cover #2 - i like the flow... the first cover nicely presents the different colors, but there is something about the second one...
    glad you are feeling better, accomplishing nuts and bolts projects of every kind... your commitment sets you apart...

  8. Both look good, but the second,bottom cover is the one I like the best!

  9. What a treasure Pinky is such sweetness! The world of children is the lovliest cocoon. It seems Houston should be way hotter but your and other people weather is really way like a skillet. I think everyone cant wait till fall! But you must get a whole lot of snow in winter. Thats some excellent patina metal information you are getting together. I can only imagine the trial and error you have gone thru. That info is priceless! I like the top pic the best it looks busy and makes the reader think hey it must be loaded with info!

  10. Happy August, Shannon! I vote for the first photo. The multi-colored chains illustrate the title perfectly. The second photo is very nice too, but I think the beads distract from the colored metal focus.

  11. I like the angle of the chains on the second picture (really dynamic!) but I think that the entire composition and text size works better in the first picture.

    You could move the "Adding patinas to..." part of the text down a bit further to fill up the empty space of the second picture (which would then allow you to move the title down as well). I'd add an outer glow or something to the second part of the text so that it doesn't drown in the pretty picture.

    But yeah, I like the first one as it is :)

  12. can't wait for your tutorial to come out :) We are in the throes of back to school, but alas, we have a soon-to-be 9yo boy who only wants stuff with skulls and dragons!

  13. Wow - these are great news! And definitly cover one. Can't wait for the tut.

  14. Love the pic of your daughter! We are getting ready for back to school too. My daughter has alredy been to the mall to buy jeans - 3 times!

    I really like your first picture with your wonderful chain! Your pieces are scrumptous!

  15. i've been thinking (like one person's opinion matters that much) - i think what throws me off with the first cover is it feels crowded... perhaps if the photo were cropped so that all the way to the left, only one of the deep blue links showed and then angled up from there... just a thought... because in a way, that cover very simply lays out the purpose of the tutorial... the second one is great for those of us who know what you do... it is a composition in and of itself... artsy -

  16. I like the first cover best, and I love the title.

  17. Hi
    Good to have you back. Hope you are feeling rejuvenated! I'm so excited about your tutorial. Ever since I started following your website, I have wanted to know (in detail) how you patina. I just love it!

  18. The tutorials sound awsome! I like the second choice the best. Can't wait to see their debut.

    Boy howdy do I know about how it feels to have the never-ending sheen of perspiration everywhere---and I mean everywhere! I'm looking forward to the coolness of autumn, though I don't want the days of summer to end since I will be sending of my middle kid to college. He's looking forward to it, but I am not. My oldest is in her fourth year of college, and my youngest will be going into 8th grade. She's out now, in the heat of the day, practicing for cross country running. She's young....she can handle the heat. And the sweat.

  19. They both look great; however, I really like the bottom one. I can hardly wait until this comes out - I am very interested in learning how to do this!

  20. You are one busy lady, good for you and I really look forward to the tutorial. I love both covers, it is hard to choose, sorry I am no help.

  21. Hi, Shannon. When your data base is done will you please send Mike down to set one up for me? You can come too. Looking forward to your patina tutorial! I have a slight preference for the first photo for the cover. But really, I like them both.

  22. sounds like you have had super busy summer..
    getting organized is a major undertaking..but a good one..
    i'm still trying..
    love your colorful metals..this looks exciting..
    my eye keeps coming back to the second design..the sprinkiled gems add a little extra spark..

  23. I love the second best!! Can't wait to see it!

  24. you really are amazing, you know that? Seriously. I could never get all that stuff done, especially with 4-5 kids running around!! my best friend Allan is a chatterbox too, he just loves to yammer away. Unfortunately due to him being a Gemini it's always interesting and witty, so I can't just block it out. :D

    I like the second cover- showing people that not only can you make sexy metals, but you can then make those sexy metals into super-sexy jewelry. Double score!

  25. Good to hear from you, and I thought it was hot here in Florida, we have yet to hit 100 deg in the Tampa Bay area. No kids to send to school, so no end of summer rituals. I vote for the first version of the book cover showing just the metal. I am the talker in my family, my Mike tells me that I often exceed my quota for the day! It is good to hear of you both working together, that is a blessing. Enjoy!

  26. Yep. Just spent a small fortune on school supplies. We have moved into the realm of scientific calculators and thumb drives.

    I love cover number one. I think it is great that you will be sharing your expertise. I love your patinas and that would be great information to have at my fingertips, especially your finishing techniques. Not that I will stop buying from the master ;-)

    Enjoy the day!

  27. First Picture! It creates more of an uplifting feeling by having the colors grow up the right side of the page

  28. I definitely am buying your tutorial! Love Pinky ... the innocence of youth! I'm also married to a magpie and I end up responding with a lot of um hmm's and mmm's. I think my daughter calls it "passive listening." :-)

  29. Ohhh, I want me one of those tutorials! I love the coloured chains all lined up and pretty in the first cover...but the I prefer the layout of the second cover. Sowwy! LOL Either way, the tute sounds fabulous and full of useful stuff and I can't wait to get my hands on one! :-D

    Glad that happiness has found you again, btw :-)

  30. I'm thrilled you're going to share your expertise with us! I like the chains of the first cover and the layout of the second. Lots of opinions here, guess you'll just have to decide for yourself!

    Welcome back, I missed you!

  31. Hey my beautiful incredibly talented sister! Read all the comments about the cover and as with most, I am torn. So, how about combining the two? Lower the font(you want the jewelry to jump out at you, not the words) and incorporate just a few of the pieces with beads to show.....well 'Little Brown Sparrow' said it best," showing people that not only can you make sexy metals, but you can then make those sexy metals into super-sexy jewelry. Double score!"

    No matter what you choose, it will be amazing, just like you!
    Love Etta

  32. I had to go back and look...but still, I really like the 1st cover. Someone had said that it looks like the chain is growing...I think that's why I like it. It just is simply about the color and the metal.
    Glad that you are back!
    Bead Happy!

  33. What a little cutie pie! She's embarking upon a new adventure, sans eyeshadow!
    I think the first cover says it all without the distraction of the beads. I'm sure your tutorial will be a big seller, I for one will be waiting in line!

  34. Wow - she's getting going early on the makeup! Then again, mine (who is not of the female persuasion) came home from YMCA the other day with black fingernail polish on all of his nails. Seems the girls in his group got a hold of him and gave him an Emo-Goth makeover.

    Oh, and the 2nd book cover. Definitely!

  35. Congratulations on your upcoming tutorial book. Your jewelry shows that you really do know what you're doing and make your pieces to last. WEll done you!

  36. Hola desde España. Entiendo un poco el inglés pero no lo hablo, y seguro que tú no me entiendes. Solo quiero decirte que me gusta mucho tu blog. Enhorabuena.

  37. Thanks for the advise!

    The first cover does look crowded but the second cover may distract from the actual patina-ted metal with all those gorgeous beads!

    I will have to re-do the first and maybe make the second a back page.


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