Saturday, October 30, 2010

Color Drenched Metal Facebook Group

In an effort to keep up with specific questions from customers of the Color Drenched Metal Tutorial, I have started a facebook group!
Not only will we have scheduled chats where you can ask me questions directly, but we will also be sharing photos of patina-ted work, discussing sealant options and sharing techniques.

You can ask to join here; 
(Please have your transaction id number from your order included)
I'm sorry, but this is a closed group to customers only of the tutorial.
I need for everyone to have a firm grasp of the tutorial technique and be able to move forward from the basics to more advanced instruction.
It will impede progress if I have to go over from the beginning what patinas are, the kinds of patinas we use, how to apply them and all the other details that the tutorial includes.
Our first chat is scheduled for Nov.1st at 10:00am.
I have had many people ask about etched metals and how to apply patinas to them so this will be our first topic of discussion.
I am also introducing a new color that you are going to flip out over. The members of the group will receive $1.00 off their bottle of the new color and receive a sample of iridescent powder with their order.
The powder is a shimmering, very fine substance that you can add to any of the patinas for even more color variations, depth and interest. It is hard to pick up on camera, even with good lighting and macro settings, but it is a wonderful touch to add to colored metals!
Okay! I will be there at 10:00am sharp on Nov.1st, all bloated and fat from saving the kids from their Halloween candy they got the night before. 


  1. What a great idea to have a closed group to discuss questions! Love it, I'm sending my details now. Look forward to learning more.

  2. I'm not able to attend this first chat~~Please update me on future informational sessions. Thank you!

  3. this sounds like a great idea. What a good way to further people's learning!

  4. this sounds like a great idea. What a good way to further people's learning!

  5. I loved the tutorial and mom is letting me buy some patina's to play with :) This is going to be so much fun! I worked a little bit in patina's when I took my beginning metals class and haven't done anything with it since, unless you count Liver of Sulfur. This is just an add on to our enameling. Did I say I loved your tutorial already? Awesome!

  6. I sent you an email to sign up, but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow--and no playing is allowed at work.....

  7. Did this group go ahead? My invite must have got lost in the mail. I was really really looking forward to being apart of it. I purchased the tut. Hope to hear from you soon. Jeanie


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