Friday, November 12, 2010

I want everyone to remain calm....

but I have to share that I have discovered the color of UTOPIA.

I call it Peacock Blue but it makes me feel so fulfilled looking at it, I refer to it as Utopia.
Here it is over etched copper, lightly sanded to bring out the contrast of the underlying metal.
This was a limited edition of 12 pendants, called Old Typewriter. I would love to link you to the listing, but they have been lost. Yes, that is correct, you are reading that right, LOST. I have this awful feeling that I took the bag that contained all of the pendants and placed it on the packing slip of the most recent order for 1 of them and between me, Mike and my mom, who is helping us ship now, the whole lot was prolly shipped out. Sickening feeling inside.
I will have to make more, they were that cool.
I have chains in textured copper, satin finished coin beads, links in small, medium and large sizes and toggle clasps all listed. Finally!
I even cut and drilled some copper and brass charms for peacock blue dangles.

I kinda wanted to keep these, they are perfect for my paired down style of disc on an ear wire preference. But I am not sure when I'll be able to sit down to jewelry projects, I am setting up a new inventory system with Mike for missficklemedia and assigning numbers to every stinkin bit of stock I have so who the heck knows how long that will take!
I hope you enjoy working with the Peacock Blue!

Let's see? What else has been going on? Mike got sick, really sick. While he was suffering a cold, his blood count dropped back down and hovered over 8.3 which is .3 points away from when the doctors like to give blood transfusions. Mike really wanted one as it helps him feel better almost immediately, but if you get too many they stop helping. So instead they upped his medicine, an anabolic steroid that helps his body create more oxygenated red blood cells. He is now taking 250mg daily. It's like living with The Hulk. My sweet teddy bear of a guy is suddenly, inexplicably, enraged and irrational. Many, many disagreements are happening at the LeVart household. I have to learn to just walk away, (even when I know I am right) until his body can adjust to the extreme level of steroid in his system and his mood levels out. 
Pinky had a second bout of tonsillitis but I learned with the last experience and was able to get her to the doctors in time so she could immediately get on the right antibiotic. The last time, she went to the doctors on a Thursday, they missed the diagnoses, her throat swelled shut on a Sat. and she had to go to the hospital. This time, I heard it in her voice and looked at her throat, sure enough the signs of tonsillitis were starting.
Poor baby. 
Everyone was healthy enough to celebrate Halloween though so we went to Six Flags during the day and then came home and trick or treated until we fell over from exhaustion!  
Here are my Little Bo Peep and my Ninja Warrior;
Cute huh?
I can't believe it is already Nov.12th! This month is zooming by and I should be thinking about Christmas presents. Have you started? My mom claims to be done, I don't know who she's trying to impress, but I know she can't stop. She will continue buying all the way up to the day of, she can't help herself.
I'm asking everyone for cash so I can pay off my dental bill. It is a huge dark cloud hovering over me all the time and he won't do any more work until I pay off the remaining balance. Heartless Dentist. But he is the best, he uses laser dentistry, which means no pain.
Well, I am off to visit blogs now so I hope you haven't been like me, blog slacking!


  1. Your new stuff is adorable - and I hope everything else turns out well too!

  2. my lord, you've been busy. I agree w/you the color should be called utopia! gorgeous!
    And shit if i had all these medical issues in my household i think i'd turn in to an enraged hulk. I send my hopes for wellness to all your loved ones, and for energy and patience for you.

  3. Hey Shannon its great seeing you post! The colour of Utopia...a great description and it is a Strong colour and seems to say Royalty! Oh that stings you prolly sent those pcs off.

    Sorry to hear that Mike is Hulking out..but this will level out. I think back on my X he was like that naturally! Is why his sorry you know what got shifted out of my life. I hope he will be feeling better soon and you too Shannon. Its no fun fighting but "this too shall pass"!

    Dentists our dentist is a Miracle worker he does everything in a day and age now where dentists send you out to other ones bc "we dont do that". Hopefully you will get your bill chopped down quickly..its so costly to see the dentist!

    Glad to hear Pinkys ok! You have had your plate full. But these things will adjust and yall will be back to normal again. Just hang tight Shannon, Ill be thinking of you and rooting for you on the sidelines..

    With huggs
    Janet ox

  4. Wow, lots going on in your household! Utopia is gorgeous, it looks practically neon on the discs. Maybe the recipients of the mistakenly sent etched pieces will send them back?

    Your little ones are adorable, glad you had a great time on Halloween. Hope Mike levels out soon, and you can pay that mean dentist. Hoo boy, you have a full plate, hang in there.

  5. i am smitten with peacock blue - and i have to tell you, that when the sealing is completely i take the pieces by the light and tip them back and forth to admire the color... it is gorgeous...
    how scary about mike - and steroids are definitely a mixed blessing - they work for sure, but they take a toll on the body... emily is on them as well... it also makes people very hungry and thirsty... but the mood swings are very tough... i am sorry about that...
    am glad pinky is getting what she needs as well...
    i have had many holiday gifts be $ towards the dr or dentist... i hope you get what you need so you can go back shannon...
    and yet, you keep going you amazing woman - make sure please that you get a little rest - as hard as that
    may be...
    hoping the best for you and your family - the very very best...

  6. your new color is aptly named!! It's fathomless! absolutely gorgeous. it makes me think of kyanite, only more vivid. it would be outstanding with kyanite! and bronzite! all together.

    so sorry to hear about the unhappy side effects of Mike's therapy. steroids do that, even things like prednisone. even though you know it's not the "real" him, and it's probably well nigh impossible for him to control it, it's still got to be tiring, unnerving and hurtful. i'm guessing this is a temporary therapy? and then when he's sane again he'll feel really bad. there's something to look forward to! ha! hope this round gets his corpuscles back on their feet and you get your mild-mannered Dr. David Banner back soon.

  7. The trick or treaters are adorable and the peacock blue is to die for! I hope things settle down in your house soon--hang in there!

  8. I am sorry about the pendants - they are way cool. I bet they come back to you! Glad that Mike is on the mend and your daugher also. Please take care of you. BTW - that color is awesomeness!

  9. I agree with you that that is the color of Utopia. In fact, I have already purchased some so that I can experience the perfection right in my very own home.


    Sorry to hear of the illnesses that are plaguing (no pun intended) various members of your household right now and I sure hope things straighten out soon!

  10. I am so sending happy thoughts your way Shannon. And that peacock blue makes me so very happy. I hope that was one that I ordered.... If I receieved that many by mistake and ordered only one, you better believe that I would be contacting you. I hope that is what happens.

    Cutest Princess Ninja duo on the block! Would you believe I have no pictures of their costumes this year? Charlie Brown and Hermione.
    Enjoy the day!

  11. PS I forgot to say the children look Spiffing!

  12. What a radiant blue! It is wonderful, and what a name, glad you have found Utopia! Sorry to hear about the lost pendants, maybe the person who receives it in the mail will return or pay of the additional stuff. I feel sad hearing about the health issues, it is tough, my heart and prayers go out to you and your family, you are a strong woman, and it is a long journey. Have hope. Glad you all had a great time at six flags, days such as that are to be cherished. I hope you have a good weekend. Take care.

  13. Ooooohhhhh, lovin the new blue! I just ordered Indigo, I hope it looks like that!
    Sorry to hear you have had a sick hubby and little one, I am glad they are doing better.
    Christmas shopping??? What, are you kidding!

  14. Hi Shannon, sending you lots of good thoughts and positive energy for your WH to feel better soon. The kids are too cute in their costumes. And I am a bit smitten with peacock blue. A bit of my hair is that color, and love it! The groomer put a peacock blue bow in my little pup, to match me! Too cute. Take care, good luck with everything. It will all work out. Hugs, Riki

  15. I. love. that. utopia.

    seriously. love.

  16. Great stuff and best wishes for tha family health!

  17. Wonderful to catch up on what is going on in your life. I hope everyone is feeling better by now. Love that blue too. Hope the etched pieces come back to you soon. Sweet Halloween photo. Keep up the wonderful work Shannon.

  18. Lasers!? LASERS?! I want that- I baaaaadly need to go *shudder* - the pain puts me off. Even though I know the longer I put it off the more painful it'll be. Why can't they just knock me out?

    Mike needs a shirt that says 'I'm sorry it's the pills!!' I know when I miss my pills I'm like an over-tired 5 year old germaphobe.

    And yeah, I've shipped a whole packet of things to someone before. They ordered 25 buttons and I send them about 200! Maybe yours will be lucky enough to send them back?

  19. Utopia is beautiful!!!!!! Perfect name---Utopia.

    Wow, you've got a lot going on around your house. Take care of yourself so you don't get sick too.

    I have not even started on Christmas presents. I haven't made a list, haven't planned a menu, haven't thought about any of it.

    Lazer Dentistry????? I want it.

  20. I just want to take a BATH in that color... is that a bit extreme? I love how the peacock blue has turned out. Soooo pretty.

    Busy girl! I'm sending positive thoughts and vibes to you and your family! <3

  21. Gorgeous, glorious new colour! And your two wee ones are beyond cute. Best, best wishes to Mike and yourself.

  22. Amazing new color!! I hope it will be available for the hoards to purchase!!

    Lots of love and light to you and your family!

  23. Oh yes yes yes that is Utopia!
    I am sending healing thoughts to your family and hoping the Hulk transforms for you soon. Hoping we can connect some time soon and I am here if you need me!

    Hugs and Blessings my friend

  24. Holy smokes that new color is divine!

    But OMG the medical woes! You have an ear here if you ever need it!

  25. Oh my goodness ...first of all LASER DENTISTRY???? When did this happen??? I have the WORST fear of the dentist - holy canolli - do you still need novacaine??? We don't have insurance either - it's terrible. We are lucky the school where we are has a dental program.
    ...Ok I think I've recovered from that.
    Second that color is unbelievable it's the ocean and the sky and fairy wings all rolled into one!!!

    Third I am so sorry you are having a hard time. One of my boys was on a high dose of prednisone for a breathing issue and he was an emotional mess - I can't imagine my husband in that shape : (. ~~*Heaking Vibes*~~~ your way.

  26. The patina's arrived on Friday and I am dying to try the Peacock "Utopia" on some copper! The kiddo's look fantastic in their costumes and I am glad you all had fun. I am so sorry to hear about all the medical drama! I am sending soothing and restful thoughts your way! Just take a deep breath and enhance your Chi. That is the mantra mom and I use to get us through anything.

  27. Well Shannon that color just pushed me over the edge, I am forced to order your tutorial now. My thoughts are with your family, hope the health issues level out soon. I don't know anyone with dental insurance these days, there is always some sticker shock.

  28. Love the Utopia color, it is a gorgeous shade of blue, it's really splendid!!!!

    Sorry to hear about the med. issues, life can really deal us some challenges at times, can't it! I have no idea about the laser dentist but out here in way rural Idaho, there is no such treatment, only the old deaden with novocaine & drill & fill!

    Your children are awesomely dressed for Halloween....sweetly frightening :)

  29. That color is so cool!
    Sorry to hear about the stupid dentist--I can relate--I do have health insurance but NO dental, so everything is always 100% on me. And its all so expensive!

    Good thoughts for your husband as well.

  30. Hopefully the missing pendants will show up. I imagine that every day you say in your head, "I'm dancing as fast as I can!" Keep on dancing. The babies look precious:)

  31. Gorgeous colour! I do hope your missing pendants show up. It once happened to me, you know. Not as a seller but as a buyer.

    Sorry to hear about all the health issues in you family. Wish you all the best.

    Wish there was a dentist around here who did laser dentistry. Have avoided them for six years now and spent the last year with a half tooth, mostly because I fear the pain. (But of cause also because it's so darn expensive.) Going to the dentist is painful, if not for your body, it will be for your wallet...

  32. Be still my heart... no way! It can't stop pounding after looking at that gorgeous patina! You are a genius my friend!

  33. Where does Peacock Blue fit in the grand scheme of your patinas. After reading this blog I now get that it's new, and that is why I can't find it mentioned in your tutorial (that I purchased maybe a month ago). The listing mentions 'heat'. Does that mean it's a Dye-oxide or Universal? I probably won't get a chance to use them til the weekend. (Oh by the way - they arrived today and I did a little happy dance!!). Can't wait for the weekend to try them out. Thanks again, Jeanie


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