Thursday, November 18, 2010

Missficklemedia Loves Mary Harding

But you knew that already!

I recently worked with Mary on an idea she had for patina-ted toggle bars that her delicious ceramic toggle clasps needed. 
In order to create custom patinas that complimented the ceramic pieces, she sent samples to me.
To view Mary's work on line and to hold the actual pieces in your hand are two different experiences. Online, her pieces are eye catching and you marvel at the way the life-like botanical seems to come out from the ceramic surface. But once you see them in person, you are completely amazed at the skilled craftsmanship, the subtle coloring that is the embodiment of romance itself.

I had the best time creating with Mary's work!
  I call this collection Mary... With Pearls.
Each necklace is adorned with freshwater pearls that compliment the soft colors in each of the ceramic pendants. A few additions of patina-ted metal bits and antiqued chain made this one of the most feminine collections of necklaces I have ever created.
Yes, I wore them all at once and loved the sway of the extra long chains and the tickle of dangling pearls.
These pieces are at Belle Armoire, hopefully in time for the Spring issue.

The stars aligned once again and I was able to schedule this post at the same time Mary is having a give-away on her own blog!
So visit her blog, leave a comment and peruse her selection of one of a kind pieces available through her website and her etsy shop. Sign up for her newsletter (which is like receiving an email from a long time friend) and watch the fascinating videos she put together on making ceramic beads.  
The addition of Mary's work to your own will result in art jewelry you can be proud of.


  1. I adore Mary Harding's work! I worked with her recently to send a gift to someone special and the sweetie sent me a little token of thanks -- totally unexpected but boy did it make my day!

  2. Shannon...I LOVE these necklaces! Individually they are pretty, but altogether they are stunning! I'll have to check out Mary's work!
    Bead Happy!

  3. Shannon - the necklaces are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Mary's work!

  4. Mary is the sweetest kind of soul. I love her delicate botanicals that make me pause and look at the world in a different way. I love that the patina-ed metal pieces you make complement so gorgeously. And awesome to make it in BAJ. Enjoy the day!

  5. Thank you Shannon for such a wonderful post about my work. I think your work compliments the pendants so perfectly. Those necklaces are gorgeous. And the toggle you chose with the peach orange pink toggle bar is a tribute to our collaboration for sure. You are such a color master. Again,thanks so much.

  6. Two of my most favoritest artists getting together can only mean BAD THINGS for my bank account!

  7. I agree, Mary's work is phenomenal and even more wonderful in person!

  8. Two brilliant minds, producing beauteous jewelry! A perfect pairing and the necklaces are knockouts! A post that jump-started my day! And I have piles of pearls just yards away from me right now :)

  9. Wow, i agree w/michelle- they look great all jumbled together. the look of abundance. lovely

  10. Shannon,
    I too love Mary's beads, one of the toggles I ordered from her has your toggle with it and I cannot part with it!
    I love what you did with her pieces and that they are going to be published, so cool!


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