Thursday, February 24, 2011

Can I introduce someone special to you?

Her name is Mary Anne (Why do I always fall in love with Mary Anne's?) and her etsy username is.....

Her jewelry is like none other I have seen.

Copper Patina Velvet Necklace

A mix of fantasy and stunning texture.

Amethyst Velvet Choker

The detail each unique piece has is astonishing.
She states in her profile that her first inspiration is where she lives, The Azores, Tolkien's middle earth.
She has lived there for 20 years and often uses lava stone in her pieces, symbolic of the volcanic island.
I desperately want Mary Anne to become involved in Art Bead Scene challenges.
But I also want to go to her house and have tea and cookies.
Not only does she create jewelry but she also .....
weaves throws and shawls!

SOOOO perfect, this one is called The Woods and I think I need it for my bedroom.

The piece above is a hand made tile pendant of Santanne, ST Anne, reading to Mary.
Her jewelry comes in these amazing pouches that she calls Middle Earth's Precious Pouch.

Oh, Lord, I want one so bad.
Please visit Mary Anne at her blog and make her feel as welcome as you all did me, when I first joined in the Art Bead Scene.


  1. Shannon thanks for sharing Mary Ann's work! It is funny, I actually found her Etsy site this morning and fav-ed the "My TwilightBlue" necklace. It is absolutley stunning!

  2. Oh dear..I actually think I'm blushing! Such words from one so talented ..well..all I can say is thank-you..but most of all for introducing me to the Art Bead Scene.I've already spent way too much time browsing the awe of all the talent..and wanting everything!! Feeling at home already.:)
    And thanks EB..(off to check out your shop..)

  3. P.S. Forgot to invite everyone to a tea party, with cookies,here at my house in the Azores, for Carnival Friday..after we go out dancing samba until dawn..(Flights out from Boston every Tuesday and Friday..:)

  4. SO glad you two have connected, the marriage of true minds, I think....

  5. wonderful fantastic work -thanks for the intro.! Vicki :)

  6. First of all, like the look of your blog! Also, I'll take Mary Ann's LavaBlue necklace for my choice! I'll wear it for the tea and cookies, so perfect. It would be warm there, too. Thanks for featuring the MiddleEarthsJewels, dramatic and desirable!!

  7. Love the new look! Oh and Shelby and I will be stopping by to check her out for sure!

  8. Your blog has been given the Awesome Blog Award!

    Read about it here:

  9. yeah, this gal is CRAZY original- she makes flowers spring from moss growing on rocks. She makes molten lava push out of lava beads... and those crusty ceramic tiles which are a transfer image of crusty tiles on polymer which has been shaped into crusty tiles? and then my mind exploded.

  10. Oh Lord...I want one too! Great bags!


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