Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm sorry. I can't visit your blog right now.

You all drive me crazy with your lovely pictures of awesome jewelry designs and new handmade components.
I am barely able to hold back.
Every penny we have is going towards this move and OF COURSE there are new problems that pop up and we have to scramble to put the money together to fix them.
The whole time, there's me, sweating and salivating over the computer screen. My inner practical adult BEGGING me to wait, buy those beads, components or pendants once I get to Florida. 
But it's haaaaaaaard.
I see stuff and new designs leap into my mind!
I have loaded and canceled my shopping cart over and over.
So I thought I would put together a wish list here on my blog, cause I know at one time or another, you all have had to hold off purchasing jewelry things and you can relate to a wish list.

Lizard Skin by Bead Addicts
Slowly I feel heat begin in my core and rise up to my neck.

Porcelain Shards by Marsha Neal Studios

My face is flushed.

Key Pendant by The Classic Bead

Beads of perspiration form at my brow.

Kalypso Fruit Pod by Libby Leu
Sweat lines now trickle down my back and I have to stop posting and linking or my resolve will fracture.
I will be back with some more goods soon!


  1. I tell ya' what...I'm not much of a lampwork gal, but that piece by libby is just amazing. Well done, I say.

  2. I love that pod pendant! I almost bought her mimi pods!!!! I am limiting my time online to curb my spending. You are so right about too much awesomeness!!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting a pic of my shards up on your site! I am supposed to be doing my quickbooks right now (not!)… Circles and blogs just suck the time away don't they? You know… I'm always up for trading for product - but only after you get moved in (not unpacked, but at least moved ;)

  4. I can absolutely relate right now! I am not moving, but with James losing his job in January, things are getting tighter and tighter everyday! At least we sell a few things here and there, right Shannon? lol, let's hope it keeps happening!
    <3 u!!

  5. Your wish list is my wish list! Nice picks :) Of course, my wish list has multiple items from your Etsy shop ahead of anything else, while I wait for the "ship" to anchor at my dock. Hope your move is without too many distractions, whenever you do it. I didn't comment on all the posts, but I admired them all, still don't know how you get the job done, so, so many pieces!!

  6. Ha ha. You just described how I feel whenever I look at YOUR Etsy site!
    It is always fun for me to see what the people I admire are looking at. Thanks for posting!

  7. You sure have good taste my friend! Your bead fast will be worth it once you are able to walk to the beach everyday!

  8. Oh yes that is an awesome wish list for sure! Yes you had better stop or that pay button might just jump out at you!


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