Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let's talk circles

Painting on wood by Amy Giacomelli
 Etsy has aggravated me so many times but I can't tear myself away from them.
Just when I crunch the numbers and make up my mind about leaving for my own web site, they do something wonderful that sucks me in.
Now it's circles.
I am getting dizzy from all the glorious circles.
If Sparrow makes a new treasury, I know right away, from her being in my circle.
If Fancy finds some new/old thing that is fabulously crusty, I see it right away, from her being in my circle.
If my friend Lu or Malin finds new beads that fit their wild style, I get to favorite it for a possible future purchase, from them being in my circle.
I have found so much more stuff to buy just from being in the coolest people's circles!

So go to my profile here;
and add me to your circle.
It will be like we are shopping together!


  1. I totally agree with you, I just thought it was gonna be some other stupid app that nobody would want, but now I'm totally hooked and yes, find myself going in circles!

  2. Hi Shannon, I know, I'm kind of hooked on this circle thing too! Love seeing what others like. Take care, Riki

  3. I agree - the circles were a stroke of genius and are so much fun.

  4. So it is like favorites but better?

  5. You are so right Shannon, I've discovered tons of great things since this whole circle thing started.

  6. I agree, I've come across a lot of stuff from the circles that I probably would not have found otherwise.

  7. I am addicted to seeing what people have favorited. Is that a word?
    Shannon C

  8. Oh yes, I do love my Etsy Circle! I have lost count of the number of cool stores or items that my circle buddies have found...and I've favourited!

    Happy to be in your lovely circle, Shannon :-D

  9. Gotta love the circles....the art world is getting smaller! However...some I have learned that some people are addicted to treasury making...Lol....not me..I know not how to accomplish that trick....probably just as well!


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