Thursday, March 17, 2011

Why we are moving to Florida

  1. To live close to the BEACH.
  2. To enjoy more months out of doors.
  3. To watch the kiddos become in tune with the earth
  4. To watch the kiddos have room to explore.
  5. For Mike to be by water.
  6. For Mike to realize a life long dream of becoming a dive master.
  7. For the dive sites and the fishing.
  8. For the fresh sea food and high protein diet.
  9. For the sandcastle building.
  10. For the view to work in front of.
  11. For a new community that invests in their youth.
  12. For the shells I will collect and the wood I will decorate my house with.
  13. For the light that streams in through the windows.
  14. Because they have rooms tilted "Florida Room" which is a sun room named after their state.
  15. Because Belize doesn't have health care facilities that can handle infusion treatments.
  16. Florida has the happiest place on earth; DISNEY WORLD.
  17. Whom I want to groom my kids for their first jobs, because they are the most professional place ev-ar.
  18. It's cheaper than California.
  19. I think the humidity will be better for Pinky's sinuses.
  20. When I stand at the edge of the water and view the ocean, I feel peaceful but also overwhelmed  by emotion. I feel a small part of something so huge it is beyond my understanding. And that feeling makes me want to dance and skip. And I am NOT a dancing and skipping kind of gal.


  1. We're here in St. Pete until Wednesday. Every trip we make a point of going to the beach, even if it's just to walk it for a few minutes. Where in Florida?

  2. That sounds perfect, Shannon. You have to go where your heart leads you.

    Here's to a happier, healthier life...and more dancing and skipping :-)


  3. are you really??? really? really? to where? please say close to me!!!!! I need artist friends!!!!

  4. All very important reasons. Have you chosen a city yet?

    Whenever we vacation by the ocean I come home refreshed (and usually sunburned).

    I can't wait to see where you land.

  5. Now I want to move to Florida, too ;)
    Hope everything will come true for you!

  6. It's funny that you say that the humidity would be good for Pinky's sinuses, because coming from Bama I always thought...humidity...huh...yeah...
    what is it good for....absolutely nothin'!
    Thanks for enlightening me!

  7. It all sounds wonderful! Congratulations.

  8. I love the ocean. I dream to live by the sea someday too (being an avid shell, driftwood and sea glass collector). I am typically an anxious sort of person, but when I stand by the sea, it is so calming, I just REALX! I love this quote, its from Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMott.
    "There is a great healing power found where the water meets the shore. The rhythmic surf can soften our rough edges as well."

  9. Where in Florida will you be moving to? I'm from Miami...and you forgot one on your list: The Florida Resident discount on WDW park tickets!! :)

  10. all of the best to you on your new journey!
    as one who lives near the ocean i understand the feeling of vastness and connection...
    and scientifically, negative ions created by the pounding surf lighten your mood and put out a great positive vibe... i often feel heady near the beach for both reasons...
    i wish you joy, good (and improved) health and ever so much love...

  11. you're seriously moving to florida? i'm so jealous i can hardly speak. sounds lovely!

  12. Looks like there is plenty of sand for your toes!! You have a long list of of "Pros" for moving to Florida, and apparently no "Cons"! Good for all of you! Imagine the new spurts of creativity near the ocean, I NV U!!

  13. I am so happy for you all! Can I come too!

  14. Thank you to everyone who commented!

    This is one of the hardest things I have tried to accomplish for my family. We are all working hard to make it happen, even the kiddos are saving their coins!

    We are moving to Satellite Beach!

  15. I am so happy for you!!! It sounds like your family has faced some challenges lately, and moving to a milder climate can really make a difference in your quality of life. As much as I love New Mexico, I really miss the ocean, too. I hope you get to go soon!

  16. WOW! That is HUGE! I am so happy for you and your family. To realize this dream and be where you really want to live is a major step. I am praying for you and the family that this dream happens as soon as you are ready for it. I hope that you will still be making and sharing your art! I don't know what I would do without my Miss Fickle treasures!

    Enjoy the day!

  17. How wonderful! And of course all the best reasons to move. :-)

  18. Peace, love and prosperity to you...

  19. I can say those all sound like great reasons to me especially # 15 i had to drive 200 miles every 3 weeks for my "remicade" infusions for my arthritis but it was well worth that amazing treatment changed my life.Now i just give myself the shot of "enbrel" and do not have to drive any more. All the best to you with the move. ttfn L:)

  20. I completely understand your motivations for moving. I'm planning to move to the beach too, it's a dream for one day, I hope you get there! X

  21. The first time I saw the ocean I was after living 20 years on a island I could never again live far from the sea.
    I do believe you will never regret this great step..wishes for an easy move! ..humidity for the sinuses for me is great..not so much so for the asthma..

  22. Those sound like wonderful well thought out reasons to move. What a scary and exciting time. And ditto MaryAnne. I've lived on an island for 34 years and I can't ever imagine being able to be far from the ocean. It feels perfect to always have it nearby.
    So here's the practical question: Shouldn't we all be buying up everything on your Etsy site so you will have less inventory to move?

  23. The ocean ... love it. I dream of living there...
    Wishing for you that this move brings all the changes for the better you hope for and need.

  24. Congratulations and good luck for your new adventure. It sounds like you have a long list of positives that will keep you dancing and skipping for a long time :-)

  25. Congratulations, it sounds good.

  26. That sounds wonderful! All the reasons to move are perfect, espeically the beachs!!! Good luck and may everything go great because we are all sending happy thoughts your way!

  27. Wishing you and yours all the best in your move, which part are you guys planning to go.

  28. Looking forward to meeting up with you someday in Florida, maybe you could give some metal smithing classes... Have a safe and stress-free move. I live south of Tampa.

  29. I know exactly how you feel! Sending lots of ocean-infused thoughts your way.

  30. I just read your post about moving to FL, and I was surprised when I saw you wrote Satellite Beach as the location! I live in Indialantic, right next to it, and I work for the city of Satellite Beach! Also, my husband dives, and is a certified dive instructor. Small world! I would love to meet up sometime when you are settled in FL, in the meantime, feel free to contact me if you need any info about the area! Florida is a wonderful place to live, and I absolutely love it.

  31. Verrrry interesting - we're heading to St Augustine the end of the month to do some sniffing around - I can 'feel' a deep shift away from the mountains and it's exhilarating.
    Brevard County would be my second choice - I grew up south of Melbourne. Good luck, visualize 'done'!
    best - kvk


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