Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Driftwood Jewelry Stands!

They're so beautiful!
Each has a unique feature in the wood and the flowing organic shape they add to the jewelry is really lovely.

I have to admit, it has been a struggle to show the stands, some as tall as 18 inches, through the camera.
My photography just doesn't do them justice or show the excellent craftsmanship that Jim and Ginger have put into them.
In fact I have 8 others that are too tall to take photos of but are extremely striking in person!
(Email me if you want more details on these as they are useful for extra long necklaces!)

You can shop the new Driftwood Jewelry Stands here in our shop;
Viva handmade!


  1. I've been admiring these lovely jewelry stands for some time now, and trying to save up for some in the future. I just love the natural look of them!

  2. These are great! let me guess ... locally sourced materials? :)

  3. These are them!!!

  4. These are beautiful stands! They really do accent the pieces gorgeously ;)

  5. SO CooL! Perfect for your type of jewelry.

  6. Gorgeous stands! Thanks for sharing!

  7. These are stunning and such a wonderful contrast to your jewellery.

  8. Inner Earth JewelryJune 8, 2011 at 8:16 PM

    Beautiful, would love to have one on my weekly market display table...hhmmm...


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