Thursday, August 25, 2011

Forging to the sounds of Jose Gonzalez

I recently worked on a 300 piece order and it was intense hammering. Normally I break that up with tasks for the store and other less strenuous metal work but Mike had given this job a 10 day deadline and the kids were starting school. (Yes, both of them, even my home schooled boy started school this month. I can't even talk about it yet I am so upset).
We had very little time to finish.

But I did it! And with ear buds affixed to my eardrums looping this fella;
You can listen here;

You can support his latest work by going here.

What do you use to get through tedious difficult tasks?


  1. Oooooh! I would love to pick up all those pieces and let them fall over me like copper rain! Do you protect your wrist from all that hammering? And your kiddos will be fine because you and Mike nurture them so well :)
    To get through tedious tasks, I start with procrastination, followed by a lot of whining. Then I put on the Patsy Cline Gold CD, skipping some parts, and somehow it gets done! Your way is much better!

  2. I bribe myself with tasty food :)

    If you finish this task you can make yourself a coffee...

  3. My forearm aches just reading this post! When I have tedious repetitious work to do, I listen to books on CD. My recent favorite, "The Lotus Eaters" by Tatjana Soli.
    If I have loud tedious repetitious work, I listen to disco or calypso. Energy, mon!

  4. I often watch netflix. I watch my favorite movies over again, that way I don't have to really watch....either that or I crank the doors or some tori amos.

  5. I love the rustic feel to these pieces. Are you going to have any in the shop?

  6. Depends on the task. Sometimes if I'm working on editing copy, I can't listen to any music with words because its too distracting. So then its usually vivaldi. If its design related, I go for something happy. Guster is my current fave. Also, just think about the paycheck and power through!

  7. 10 days for 300 pieces, Whoa!...
    ummm, more like ,no order in less than 2 weeks...just sayin'..
    what ever real time i estimate for an order, 3-4 days gets tacked on for my sanity.. it seems the unexpected frequently pops up to shake my schedule.

  8. Mmmm, José Gonzáles... Feels like I haven't listened to his music in ages so it was nice to click that link and here some (of cause I had to find both Send Someone Away and Heartbeats on YT too).

    Music can be a great way to work through tendiousness, though I sometimes have a tendency to either focus so much on the music and enjoying it that I can't work at the same time or work and totally block out the music. *lol* I tend to daydream a lot when I do tendious work that I can't get away from. Usually that's the case working on a machine where I can't listen to music or decide when to take breaks so either I sing in my head or I think of other things: things to do, planning new designs, thinking about a book or documentary I just finished last night. Then I just do what I must: I know I have to and I know it will end. The hardest part is of cause if it's something I'm doing at home, where I can procrastinate.

    Sometimes I try to get someone else to do something nearby or we do it together so it doesn't feel as lonely and dull. No need to talk much, though it feels good to have the possibility, just having company makes it slightly less boring. And sometimes that's all the motivation I need. That and knowing there's some sort of reward in what I do in the end.

  9. congratulations shannon - that was a herculean effort... i hope you give yourself a breather...

  10. Jose is always a good choice, but it varies depending on my mood - everything from mellow guitar to thumping techno. Zero 7 was my soundtrack for ages. When I'm really stressed - Shadowfax or Michael Hedges. Was listening to Moby this morning, but it wasn't quite right. I'm thinking a nice fat Jose playlist will take me through the rest of the afternoon ... thanks!

  11. One of the following:

    1. My favorite (talk) podcasts (I have several).

    2. Dj Cary (Cary Norsworthy) - her mixes are awesome (here's some I recommend):

    Her Magnatunes mix page:

    AND.... her FREE mix podcast (!!), Expand Your Music Horizons: This is my standby fav; each episode contains something new and interesting.


    - Karen Totten

  12. MFM- producing such large quantities can be both uplifting and soul destroying - but I must say I love the photo of the huge stash of multiples once you finished. You must feel a great sense of achievement especially knowing your work will appear in many forms of creativity and beauty. B

  13. Gorgeous! I listen to a lot of Matt Nathanson and Ingrid Michaelson these days while I work :)

  14. Your husband is a great manager! It takes a second person to tweak and ready things as well. My Ronald lectured to me today about are you this and are you that and about glass and my Shop and that was great to hear! Your findings are gorgeous and I will need to shop for wonderful white chain soon! (or something else!)

  15. That is quite impressive and yes my wrists hurt just looking at it. Coffee , chocolate and my playlist help me to concentrate and plow thru what ever it is!

  16. Wow!! Great work! And thanks for the great introduction to Jose!
    Lovin all the other great musical suggestions too! :D

  17. Good for you! Congratulations!

    I try to interest myself in the details, trying to do better every minute.

    Have a good weekend!

  18. I like your jobs and your blog. I follow you!!!

  19. Yay for completing all of that work! They look wonderful and I hope you are enjoying your sense of accomplishment. Hurrah~

  20. Where you be?
    Hope all is okay and that you are just busy with extreme success.

  21. I will have to check him out! It sounds like you are in need of a massage! That's what I promise myself when I have a huge task to get over with! YOU CAN DO IT! THERE IS A MASSAGE AT THE END OF THE TUNNLE! That and chocolate! Congrats on getting it all done! And beautifully to boot!

  22. These are excellent suggestions! I am going to start at the top and work my down this personally recommended list.

    (my friends are the best)


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