Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank you to Every Day Bracelets!

Interweave is working hard to draw in all of us active online makers of things.
They have a new emag called EVERY DAY BRACELETS that you can purchase for downloadable good times here;

Just calm down Mac users, Interweave has thought of you too.

I wish I could show you some of the inside pages, they're really pretty and I was inspired to begin making bracelets right away! 
44 pages of full screen photos, helpful tips, resources and design ideas.

They also feature my mom and dad's Drift Wood Stands which made me really, really, really proud.
Here are some of the latest batch they dropped off when they came to visit us recently.

Some of them take on such character, I want to name them and make a nest for them.
This one is tremendous, with a double decker feature;

This one is really cute;

I am slowly but surely working my way through a batch of over 30 new pieces to add to the shop. I am excited to show you the other fascinating stands so check back for more!


  1. Those are fantastic stands very inventive.

  2. Oh your stands are gorgeous and I will have to check that link out!

  3. Creativity must run in your family! The stands are a gorgeous way to display your (anyone's) beautiful pieces.

  4. The stands are stunning.

  5. Those stands are great! I really love the double decker one -- congrats to your parents' being included in the mag :)

  6. MFM - pretty imaginative stands - and hold a lot of stuff as well. B


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