Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black hearted.

No, not really.
I'm still as sappy as ever with my heart on my sleeve.
I just like the distressed black over copper. 
Like a scraped up frying pan.

An aside, I didn't like valentine's day this year.
But the family made it fun with roses and chocolates and silly heart socks from Matsuka.
I went and saw a movie.
Kinda pissed off I didn't have a date but then it was cool because it was a..........................
With an adorable Daniel Radcliff looking right mournfully delicious in those tailored 1800 blouses and high waist-ed trousers.

So then I chatted with my mama and fell asleep with images of ivy covered stone walls and foggy evenings with pretty boys floating in my head.
Perfect for my mood.


  1. you are so pretty...soon someone who deserves you will find you..Love your beautiful work. You rock!

  2. I really like your necklace. And by watching that trailer I believe I will never see that film. I can't handle ghost stories you see. I get to frightened. The imagery looks beautiful, but I can't take scary films. Not to speak of horror movies. I am glad your Valentines day turned out ok-ish in the end and after all. Here in Sweden it is not a big holiday. It's only been imported here over the last years or so. I never knew about it growing up. So ... :-)
    All my love dear Shannon!

  3. HAH!!! Happy you are feeling better! A beautiful woman like you will have all kinds of guys to choose from. BE picky!!

  4. well it sounds like your valentines day wasn't too bad all considered, I actually found out my ex was cheating on me on Valentines day, the florist called me to ask about the "other woman's address....she was my sons scout leader......

  5. I want to see that movie! Was it more SURPRISE! scary or eerie scary?

  6. Hey beautiful lady...so here I am back on line with my new iPad I got from family fro my 50th...I have missed blogging so much will probably never catch up on all the posts I have missed...love that black heart...sweet..my favorite color... I am alone too and in no hurry kinda like it with just me and Jack and Nala Bear...no one else to answer to...anyway I look forward to stopping in much more often...take care sweetie...love ya xox

  7. Oh I am glad you had a relatively good day but I still want you to be very picky when choosing to move forward but hey lets just make Valentine Day a day to show love to everyone not just for couples!

  8. oh, i love that heart. so wonderful. i'm sorry to say i didn't have a great valentine's day, either. but i've never had a boyfriend, so it was nothing new. i really want to see that film! i love love love ghost stories and the archetype of the woman in black is sooo interesting. and i've seen all the trailers. so gorgeous!!! but i will not see a movie by myself and no one i know wants to see it, so i'll have to wait for dvd. now *that* is a sad story.

  9. Whew! Glad you said "not really"! THaT was scary for a second! Love that black heart, it's a good heart. And hearts do get scraped like frying pans, but those are the pans we love the most and cook the best! One day you will have dates to choose from! Meanwhile, keep nurturing yourself and your family. I liked that you "chatted with your mama", those are special times.


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