Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mary Harding - Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

Would you believe I got my friend Mary Harding as a partner for the Bead Soup Blog Party!?!
At first I was like, "Yay!" And then I thought, "How unfair that I get to receive such awesomeness when someone else hasn't even gotten to hold her work in their hand, much less create with something?"
Mary and I have worked together on a few projects and every piece I receive from her is classy, well made, ethereal and soooooooooooooo enjoyable to make jewelry with.

Mary created my set specifically for me which is way too sweet and kinda funny because the set I sent her, I have had set aside to create a necklace with that featured one of her pendants.
So I am extra excited to see her take on what she received from me.
(Mary, the shell charms were included to challenge you, Meadow Child!)

Here is the bead soup I received;
Gasp Worthy.
Flowing over with teal, orange and purple shades; these handmade earthenware clay pieces include a huge pendant that makes you think of a field full of flowers blowing in the wind, complimenting coin beads, connectors and a toggle clasp.

I had so much fun with this set, the pieces just fell together in an evening.
Mary is one of the most generous people I know, she also included lovely pastel colored beads in shades of sage green and buttery yellow.....

   And vivid blue porcelain beads that I am excited to put with some African glass;

Mary, thank you for all you included in your package, this made for such a great time opening and discovering new beads I could create with!

If you would like to see what I sent Mary for her to create with, please visit her blog post here;

Now don't forget to come back for the big reveal date of everyone's Bead Soup on March 3rd.
My own reveal will include a give-away for an earring kit that includes patina-ted circles and Mary's heart charms.
Happy Beading!


  1. Funny you had set the pieces aside to create a piece with one of my pendants. I have to say the whole time I have been working with them I have felt your presence telling what you whould have done with them. so You will be surprised to see how they all ended up!! i love the pics you made of my pieces. Thanks for all the goodness and kindness you have sent my way.

  2. Okay...let's try just typed out like a 15min comment and it wouldn't post :( lol before I tried again sent a test Miss Shannon...I couldn't think of a more amazing collaboration...wowza...I have an amazing stash of Miss Mary as well as a huge stash of your creations waiting for me in my studio...Mary's wonderful works of art have me in awe every time I get a package from her...from the amazing details and wonderful colors they are true little works of art...down to the packaging...arriving lovingly packaged like a gift...and to be paired with your amazing creations....I can't wait tll Saturday...sitting on my sofa...pillow tucked under my neck...iPad in my lap...Nala Bear still manages to find room for her cute little chin in my lap too...think I may brew a thermos of coffee...go buy a package of depends and sit and hop till my hearts ya sweetie pie...and p.s....I would love to see more of your cute video blogs....xoxo

  3. Oh twö of my favs working together - awesomeness is in the air...:-)

  4. Sounds like you and Mary are creatively bonded! What a wonderful experience and fun for you both! See you at the Reveal!

  5. Excellent! Looking so much forward to see what you both have created. Lori always knows what she is doing when pairing people up. It is all for ME ;-)


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