Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Is Here

The count down started a month ago.
Imprisoned youth; desperate for fresh air, earth and sun, would willingly be released from the state for a period of  9 days.
Elijah, Christian, Olivia, Makayla and Chloe
 We were so thankful for the gorgeous weather!
We tore up some play ground, poked at frogs, wore new shoes in mud and feel asleep exhausted.

Christian conquers a rock climbing wall.

Pinky is rockin the 80's fashion revival.

A moments rest.
To new friendships....

Aunt Nanner tries to get on their level.

At the Frog Pond

A very protective big cousin.

G.G. & Her Grandbabies

Life feels good.

A frame-able moment with my girl. 

I hope you yourself get a break with lungs filled with fresh air and the wonder of child discovery part of your spring.
Thank you for letting me share mine!


  1. Such joyful shots! And yes, that is a fram-able shot. Have a great spring break.

  2. oh my....that last photo of you and pinky literally took my breath away....miss you....xoxo.

  3. Happy Spring Break!!! Enjoy the good weather and fun fun fun!

  4. That Pinky is the spittin' image of her momma! So beautiful - beyond words! Enjoy the fun in the sun!

  5. Pinky sure looks like you! I love your sweet photos. It's spring break here too, and my youngest (the only one still at home--sniff sniff) was scheduled to spend the break skiing in Reno with her aunt and their family, but got a bad ear infection, fever, and sore throat the night before. So now she's spending the break on the couch.

    Enjoy the rest of Spring Break with your kids!

  6. Oh, ypu two look so cute together! Here is to more spring fun!

  7. What precious pictures of precious moments! We're having amazing weather way up here in Wisconsin too! You make me want to go out and find a swing set!

  8. Beautiful memories here! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Pinky looks just like you and she is gorgeous! Beautiful photos!

  10. Those are some happy looking kids!! Have a great spring break. Enjoy the time off!

  11. Oh..thanks for sharing your wonderful family & new friends....so nice to see all those amazing smiles....Pinky is the spitin image of her gorgeous mama...Jack just went back..one day late due to a fog day...lol..I think the boys enjoyed that day the most....enjoy the rest of your March Break....hugs xox

  12. A Beautiful area yall live in! Lovely pics Miss Shannon! Im so glad you are happy and finding goodness in all things. Sometimes on the way to the dream we get lost and find another one and thats for you! huggs xo

  13. Have a great time! Ours was done two weeks ago - they're back to the grind.....


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