Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Shoot! I can't even log into flickr!

Here are the pastel tags from yesterday's egg dying;

Now, see. I have handmade tags, ready to go for next years inventory that goes out after Valentine's Day.
Does that make sense?
I am now so far behind, I am a year ahead.
Master Bender of Time and Space that I am.

These pretty, sturdy little tags can be tied on to necklaces, bracelets and hole punched for simple earrings.
I'd make the jewelry now too, since you're in the mood for spring! Don't make anything trendy right now, just classic designs that people love;
Polymer clay egg charms by Floridity

 Green Girl Studio's Bumble Friend;

Gwydions Gardens' Bird Nest Charm;
These type of focals make jewelry assembly fast and easy and they are for sure sellers, pair them with your favorite cording or chain, price them to sell and with your lovely dyed egg tags you have presentation and organization covered.

My Dye Helpers;

Yes, a good time had by us all, we moved on to napkins for our Easter dinner and wet wipes because we noticed they held up under the dye application better.
And just a bit of loveliness before I go....
Pinky recognized the Peter Rabbit clip art I included on the large tags and recounted the story she remembered from years ago, putting the tags in the order of the story!

   Happy Easter, everyone! May your ham be salty and your chocolate eggs be calorie free! 


  1. Haopy easter to you and your loved too:-) And hurray to calorie free chocolate eggs!

  2. happy easter, shannon & co. - how terrific are those cards?! i am so pathetically terrible at working seasonally that i find this to be a wonderful idea!
    wishing you a day of joy -

  3. Hi Shannon,
    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. Fun video and I love how the tags turned out. I may have to go buy some egg dye just to try this.

    Love the pics & happy faces. :)
    Happy Easter!

  5. I love how those tags turned out. What a great idea! The photo of your mom and Pinky is priceless. Hope you had a Happy Easter!

  6. Gorgeous post! I love your videos. ANd those tags are the most lovely colours!


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