Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rendezvous Keys

For months they spoke through writing over long distances.
Drawing closer and closer, bonding through mutual heartbreak, they broke through walls they had built up and recognized in each other broken souls.
She slowly began to feel again and he carefully began to need again. 
A rendezvous was planned and he sent her a special key....

But when the time came to go to him, she froze. Too scared to move forward, out of her heart break and into his arms.
And he waited....
Never knowing she kept his key chained to her wrist, always remembering and always hopeful for the day when loves promise would give her courage.

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  1. Shannon, as you once said, "Oh, my mother of pearl"!! Your captivating story is a masterpiece, so tragic and so true, but with a glint of hope! It's the perfect, perfect background for the charming copper-wrapped keys. There will be some tears and many long sighs as your readers discover this! Thank you for sharing your brilliance and your heart once again!

  2. WOW I love the story and the keys! Are you ready to break out?

    1. I don't know! But I am finally looking forward to the future!

    2. Thay's GOOD! I'm glad!!

      Could you make something for my two friends Nina and Elisabeth - they will be Christmas presents, but early ordering might be good? Nina's picture here: http://linneadiary.blogspot.no/2012/06/nina-me-up-tofu-patties.html and Elisabeth is a cute, small, dark-haired friend who is a bit rock n'roll. You have my email? I love the sea shells.

  3. I love everything.about the story and the keys.....xox

  4. I remember you sharing these with me when you first wrote the tutorial -- loved them then, love them now!!!

  5. I am so smitten with keys! I love this! The color is fabulous. I have a whole drawer of little keys and really humongous keys. I would like to do something with them.... maybe nail them up on the wall over the doorway to my studio! Enjoy the day. Erin


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