Friday, June 22, 2012

Bohemian Style Jewelry

Welcome to my

Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry Blog Celebration Weekend Post!

I am excited to share with you a new publication ....

Interest has swayed to a looser time, a wild feeling, a step-out-of-your-corset-into-your-patch-work-skirt kinda mood.
And the jewelry to go with it?

Oh yes, I felt that mood swing. 


This book is F.U.N. 
Imaginative. Textural, with materials that you can't stop fingering.
Several projects in this book have inspired a new twist in design for me and I am eager for it to get to you also. 
Purchase a copy now and maybe by summer's end you could  have 50 days worth of accessories to compliment your  bohemian wardrobe!
I'm not even kidding, this book is packed with
50 different designs! 
Here is my start;
I practiced lark's head knots, overhand knots and half hitch knots to complete these earrings;

Copper Antiquity Earrings by Erin Siegel 
(design instructions in the book Bohemian Inspired Jewelry) 
This led to lark's head knots with various pieces of metal I had laying around and left over pieces of waxed linen;

Rain Garden Necklace
A forged sterling frame features a patinated piece of copper metal clay and Czech glass bead fringe. 

A Fools Urn Necklace
Just tell me you can estimate how much cording you would use for this piece,
that pre-measured, inside knowledge alone is worth the book.

Earrings inspired by Lorelei's design "Flying through Hoops" have been fun to mix up with the unique feature of using leather as hanging bales for special beads & links;

Cerise Squared Earrings
(design instructions in the book)

The next projects I'm going to tackle will be "Unfolding" by Maire Dodd (she uses linen to create "roots"!) and "Garden Graces" by Lorelei Eurto (Kimono Cord! How rock star is that!?!)
I hope you will join me in creating your own versions of the leather, ribbon and cord designs Erin and Lorelei have complied for us here.

Both the E-book (how much do you need instant gratification?) and the BEAUTIFUL (as in, every glorious printed page has a design element that I love) print publication are on sale right now;

So go here for your print edition;
on sale for $13.77
and visit here for the immediate download;
on sale for $10.77
Wait! Before you leave to buy and create with your hands, Erin and Lorelei have set up a way to win 2 necklaces featured in the book and a copy of the book by creating Polyvore style boards showing us how you would wear one of the necklaces!
(If you're unfamiliar with the Polyvore site, just think of it in the same way you made clipped magazine collages when you were younger, it's just online now.)
So please visit here to get involved in this fashionable challenge ;

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you are inspired this weekend, I'll be here, wearing my new earrings!



  1. Got the book, love it. Love your fool's urn and the earrings. Have a great weekend, now to check out the rest of the celebration.

  2. Morning Sweet Shan! Omg thank you so much for participating in the blog event this weekend! I am loving the necklaces you made with our projects as inspiration! I hope that when people start seeing that everyone can do this type of work with that wiley linen cording, they'll give it a try too! it's easy eh??
    Great outfit for the Polyvore challenge! I hope the book inspires you for the rest of the season!

  3. Totally love the outfit you've put together here! It's awesome. And your Fool's Urn necklace is to die for!

  4. Love you pieces! The necklace is so cool!

  5. I love what you made - that necklace is so sweet!

  6. I love your collection because I actually have a pair of boots like that. I also had a swirly skirt like that back in the 70's and I think this is why I love the Boho style so much. I would definitely wear any of your jewelry too! I bought the ebook and am loving it.

  7. I like 'em - all. Your components are a perfect match for cording. I
    Rain Garden is my fav.

  8. your finished work is always incredible - seriously... you adapt things with ease and make them your own... your pieces are beautiful, shan... so nice to see you were a part of the party!

  9. Just yum! You and your necklace are fantastic! I am looking forward to trying those techniques!

  10. Love the two necklaces and earrings that you created! The earrings are my favorite; I like their modern edge with a bit of girly flair!

  11. I really love the knotting on the pendant for the Fools Urn necklace! Beautiful!

  12. How much fun did you have? Great photos and your ideas have given me some new ones too!!! Love it!

  13. Love your Fools Urn necklace! Just by looking at all the things you made I can tell this book must be so much fun for you :)

  14. I just love the way your brain works, Miss Shannon. Your designs may be inspired by this book but they are all you! I love that urn shape... I think I have one lying around from a different book review about wire... You are a beautiful soul. So happy to be hopping with you! Enjoy the day. Erin

  15. beautiful pieces, lovin the necklace!

  16. OMG! Your designs are much more gorgeous than the ones in the book! Love the Fools Urn necklace and those Cerise Squared earrings. So incredibly inspiring, Shannon. YOU are my inspiration and YOU were my muse for those Copper Antiquity earrings and the knotting techniques used to create them. So, I have you to thank for my biggest claim to fame! ;)

  17. The jewelry you made is beautiful. Got the book and I have not had time to page through it yet. Hope to soon.

  18. My favorite is the Fool's Urn necklace. Awesome job!

  19. Love your take on these designs, especially your "Fool's Urn" piece--the pyrite with the cinnamon colored cord is brilliant! I love that silver horseshoe-shaped focal. Mary Jane's "Unfolding" earrings were one of my favorite projects from the book--they made me think of magical little onions. Can't wait to see what you do!

  20. Simply gorgeous! Love how you made everything your own. Am especially loving the Fool's Urn necklace and squared off earrings.

  21. Love each of your pieces, but I especially like the layered look with the pyrite on the "Fool's Urn" necklace. You look gorgeous, too, of course!! I'm glad to see some ideas with waxed linen because I enjoy working with it. Your entire post is so professional and fun!

  22. S- the Fool's Urn necklace is a great piece - great choice of 'beads' and thread - just so rustic. B

  23. Okay...You are the Mistress of Marketing! I thought I wanted to buy this when I first saw it announced...but now, seeing your pix and reading your post, I've gotta have it. Stop, stop already! I'd buy Kleenex with Peanut Butter on it if you shot and blogged about it, Shannon.

  24. Your post is inspiring - didn't think of buying the book as I have so many great books already but you have convinced me... I like the silver focal and of course the Fool's Urn necklace.


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