Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bead Soup Book Blog Hop Week

(dear publishers, please send high res, larger pixel pictures of covers to better show off your books)

It's here!
Super delicious and really cleverly pulled together using recipe cards and fresh "ingredient" lists!
To celebrate the book release, there's going to be a ParrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrTyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyY!
All week long, there will be discounts, give-aways and prizes at the following blogs;

Rebecca Anderson --

Tuesday, October 2nd
Lori Anderson --

Kerry Bogert -- 

Jennifer Cameron --  

Wednesday, October 3rd
Lori Anderson --

Thursday, October 4th
Lori Anderson -- 

Jeannie Dukic --  

Lyn Foley --  

Friday, October 5th
Lori Anderson -- 

Brandi Hussey -- 

Cindy Wimmer -- www.SweetBeadStudio 

Saturday, October 6th
Joanna Matuszczyk --

Sunday, October 7th

Erin Prais-Hintz --  

Monday, October 8th
There will be a grand prize offer with a ton of goodies to enjoy!

Lori Anderson,
So enjoy the book blog hop and may the odds of winning be ever in your favor.  


  1. "...and may the odds of winning be ever in your favor."
    I hope this doesn't mean we have to fight to the death to get a book!

  2. I just got my book this weekend and am hoping to get into it tonight. Plus I've been checking out all the blog hops for it.

  3. I LOVE those purple flowers!!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Congratulations on your contributions to the book - and being on the cover, no less! Those lavendar beads are soooo pretty. I love what you created with Christine's focal - lucky you. Shannon, you really are a gifted artist.

  5. Fantastic, saw you over at Songbeads and the cupcake exercise, interesting idea, but I do love these beads :D


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