Sunday, June 16, 2013

Every Day She Reached Out To Me

Every. Single. Day.
Even when months went by without me being able to say a word or respond back. She still emailed, convoed, called, chatted and texted.
Sometimes it was just an
Letting me know I was not alone.
Letting me know someone cared.
When my anger had pushed everyone away, when I couldn't trust myself to fulfill expectations, when I acted like a complete brat, she forgave me and still reached out.  
Friends like that are rare.
And to be blessed with her friendship has taught me so much, so much that I hope to be able to show others and respond in kind.

Isn't she beautiful? 
Maire Dodd has been a huge source of comfort to me, loving me unconditionally through-out my darkest days of despair. She has also been a huge source of inspiration to me in my work, teaching me things I egotistically thought I had nothing left to learn in. 
She is a private person and I respect that, but she has given me permission to share that she has not been well. She too has experienced life at its cruelest, dealing with blow after blow that has literally knocked her off her feet and laid her up with a debilitating illness that almost took her ability to walk.
Recovery has been very slow and painful.
She has not been able to work.
And as a working artist, this has been devastating to her life and spirit.
She fights daily to overcome the difficulties of being a single mother with 3 kids and now has not been able to do the work of her hands and heart for months.
Can you, for a moment, imagine?

Being unable to create?

Maire is now at the point where she can sit up in bed and move slowly around her house. She is not able to make it up and down the stairs to her workbench, but she has been working on Tibetan calligraphy and weaving when her recovering body allows her.

She has allowed me the honor to stock these pieces in my own shop so that I may take care of the sections of business that her health is not able to allow her to complete right now.
(shipping is both mentally and physically painful to me, a completely healthy person)

And wouldn't you know, it fueled one of the most beautiful artistic collaborations I have ever been involved in!!!

Maire's weaving;
Paired with some hammered neck cuff bars;

Makes for some peace, love and happiness.....

It feels good on; the fringe a soft caress, the join between metal and fiber, flexible and light weight.
We are pleased. :)

And we hope you are moved to create some one of a kind pieces from the pairings of metal and woven fiber!
Please visit the "Weavings" sections of our shop here;

Thank you for letting us share what has come from our collaboration. Born from darkness, but always reaching towards lightness!

Peace and Prosperity,


  1. ((((((((((((((((((((Marie & Shannon)))))))))))))))))))

  2. I don't have to imagine, I have been through it too. It is awful. I felt like I was dying inside. Let Maire know that even though we don't know each other, my heart goes out to her and I will keep her and you too in my prayers. I may also become a single mom if things in my own life do not get fixed. It has been hard and I can understand what you and Maire have gone through and are still going through.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. I feel so bad for her, I am thinking about her, she is such a wonderful person. Going to visit your store.

  4. I guess I really don't know what to say...what a wonderful post and what a wonderful pair of women!!! You are both indeed Blessed to have each other. Hugs, love and Blessings to you both!!! Love the Jewelry!

  5. Bless both you and Maire for ministering to each other, loving and serving AND appreciating. A beautiful collaboration shining with love~ Lovely pieces!

  6. You are two truly amazing ladies Shannon and Maire. And you both inspire me so greatly. Beautiful beautiful ladies!

    I know exactly how frustrating it is to not be able to create.

    I love your new collaboration and the new weavings section.

    Peace and Prosperity to you too.

  7. Shannon - I'm so not a designer by any means but love the collaborative pieces you've shown. I would love the opportunity to purchase a finished piece if any become available?


  8. Beautiful post Shannon. I love Maire and I love your collaborations here! You both have such wonderful spirits:) Thank you!!!

  9. So touching. . .the two of you. Just inspiring, just like the pieces the two of you are creating. Thank you for sharing both the beauty y'all are creating as well as the beauty of your friendship. It's to be admired.

  10. What a beautiful tribute and what beautiful work the two of you have created. Much love to you both! xoxo - K

  11. Maire is a very special spirit and we are so very lucky to have her. Thank you, Shannon, for supporting Maire this way. Bless you.

  12. Whatever would we do without friends? I love these collaborations!

  13. I had no idea! What a wonderful friendship the both of you have!!!! I am lucky to even know you!

  14. I love Miss Maire. You and she are kindred spirits for sure and I can tell that you are just as good a friend to her as she is to you. I miss her unique voice... in words... in metal... in the details. Thank you for collaborating with her and sharing it with all of us! We can only do so much when we are one. But when we band together, find our common soul sisters, we can do so much. I am always incredibly inspired by both of you. Thank you for sharing your creative journey with us! Enjoy the day, Miss Shannon! Erin

  15. You two were meant to support each other...and work together. Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Such a wonderful relationship! Support and kindness and creativity. Truly wonderful. Checking out the goods! :)

  17. this is so wonderful Shannon, your words and your support for a dear friend. I echo Renate's every word. Hope Maire will heal quickly. Love, healing and light...

  18. A wonderful collaboration on every front--survival, rebirth, and art!

  19. Your compassion is surpassed by none and equal by few. I honor you both.

  20. Beautiful work from two very beautiful ladies, who have been through and are going through too much. My heart reaches out to you both x x x x x x

  21. I just stumbled upon this and it is encouraging to always see the love and friendship in this group as it goes round and round. Keep up the wonderful work. We never know when it might be someone, even us that needs the love. best to both of you.

  22. What a wonderful friendship you have with Marie! I pray that she recovers to her full and beautiful healthy self and that you both continue to grow and renew your friendship for many years to come !!!!


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