Monday, October 28, 2013

Sharing...... but just the Good Stuff

Oh my. I can hardly remember how to write. What sign in? What log in? How do I start a new paragraph? Where's my pictures? Can I just write in abstract poetry?

I do not know how I had the time to write and read blogs before. It is a comforting time to think of though, curling up in my comfy chair with chocolate coffee and a sense of wonder and empathy for my ladies...
"Oh she's making that! Ooooooo, pretty."
"you're doing how many shows?!?! Girl, that's just crazy."
relating to what is being written by the author and wanting to connect through comments so you start with 
"YES! I feeeeeeeeeeeel the same way........" 

Things are different now; my feeeeeeeeelings aren't always positive and shouldn't be shared. That cuts down on the writing and sharing and relating.
(Plus I still do not have living room furniture so I have no comfy chair in which to write from.)

But I have been creating!

I've brought a few things back that I enjoy making;

And some new Fold Formed Leaves in a rainbow of color!

With little fluttering pairs for earrings!

 I made a pair with grey moonstone brios;

Then I took a new Weavings offered by Maire and created this necklace with a leaf pendant, seed beads, cotton cording and more moonstone....

Some soot black pieces...

Some large, flamboyant chain for my bold ladies;

And some hammered and stamped Neck Plaques for us Divas;

Ahhhh, yes, the satisfaction and reward from creating....
Just plain Ol' Good Stuff.

Now I'm off to spend an afternoon visiting some fun designs with Diana Patszynski's
I'll see you there in comments.....


  1. Everything is fabulous! Of course you always make great pieces. I keep peeking at your etsy shop and I swear I have 'Hearted' a bunch. The bad thing is my budget tells me I can't afford them until I make more sales.

    An as for chocolate I heard on the Today Show that there is a chocolate shortage so that means the prices will skyrocket! Yikes! Can a girl live without chocolate? I think not!

    Take care.

  2. Shannon, it's so wonderful to see all the beauty you are creating. I can see the love you put into each piece which will bring more happiness, love and laughter into your life. Sometimes all we can do is look at the brief moment where we are able to share a laugh or appreciate something beautiful to know we're lucky to have those we love close. Family, faith and ♥! Have an amazing week! {Hugs!}

  3. So good to see a post from you. And yes pictures are enough when you don't have time to write words. ;)

  4. Very good stuff. It's nice to see what you are working on. I haven't had a lot of energy for blog writing or reading for a few months now. It's great when I see a FB link like yours and I can pop over and read a post.

  5. Whatever else is going on, creativity is clearly good for you. All these beautiful things you make radiate lovely strength and positivity. I love looking at them all and buying them whenever I get the chance.

  6. So nice to 'hear' your voice. Your artistic voice is loud and clear in all of these pieces. Rustic. Colorful. Textured. Highly tactile and incredibly detailed. That is what I love about what you do. And also that you remain true to you. Enjoy the day, Miss Shannon! Erin

  7. Good to 'see' you again! I love your stuff as always!

  8. Shannon - So good to hear from you! Your creativity amazes me! I have always coveted your components and designs, and your inspiration is truly...inspiring! Thank you for sharing a piece of you!

    Angi Mullis

  9. A huge "welcome back" to those return pieces! They should definitely be circulating with all of their gorgeousness!! Also love the chain, as always, and the new weaving necklace and leaves with the moonstone! Your creativity is forging ahead!! You had me on "chocolate coffee", but the photos are so inspirational. Looking forward to more posts!

  10. I missed this post the other day but it is so worth coming back and seeing your creativity. AND you should know that I am always here good or bad things to share. That is what friends are for!!!

  11. Always beautiful art!!! I know the feeling of being rusty. And the wondrous feeling of arising from the muck.


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