Saturday, April 7, 2007


Boy. Isn't that a negative title? Today was one of those days. I worked so hard trying to accomplish a lot but didn't succeed at one darned thing.

It took me way longer than it should have to print paypal shipping labels, organize, wrap and package my orders, then the post office was closed, I couldn't pick up a very important package.

I had custom orders to work on but Pinky was having one of those days where discovery and experimentation played a big part in her play.

Flooded the bathroom again with to much toilet paper in the potty, sneaked a potted plant (violets) to bed during naptime and found hidden easter candy. I know what your thinking - "Why weren't you watching her more carefully?" I have no excuse. I mean, I think I'm watching out but she works really quickly. And silently. If you don't have a child like this - please be careful judging because God will send you one.

The dishwasher broke, everything needs to be washed by hand. Yeah , I had the extra time for that...

No sales for most of the day , but a couple of copycats did sell their versions of stamped clay pendants. That set me off. Nothing to do but come up with better ideas and more of them.
I mean I didn't invent stamping into clay, so who am I to be angry?

I had to get the kiddos ready for the church easter egg hunt. Didn't really want to dress them up but mom alluded to the fact she expected to see them decked out in their easter finery.
I get there and find out it's OUTSIDE. In the 30 degree weather. Pinky is in a fluffy , wispy dress with her new sandals! Boo has no jacket!
I find out it's not going to start until 6:00pm so we head back home with 20 minutes to get dressed for winter weather.
We get back as they start the darn thing and before we could get up the hill, the eggs were gone.

I have failed as a business woman and as a mother today.

I wish I could say I have learned something, but I have not. I just want to go to sleep and hope for a better tomorrow.

I'm off to read my friend's blog. She has a much better outlook than I do.


  1. Oh dear!
    I know, when it rains, it pours! But... you don`t have to be so quick with your judgment. Especially with negative one.
    Just say - well, next time I`ll do better!!!

    Please forgive me, this is in no means lecture!

    You know, you are still my favorite person!:)

  2. PS...and when other sell their similar things and you doesn`t make yours worse. They are still beautiful and well-crafted! Nothing can change that!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you - Eva! You have a way of putting things into a new perspective!

  4. Oh, I hope today is a better day.

    Your pendants are beautiful!

    Please don't be so hard on yourself. There is no such thing as a perfect mother. We are all doing the best we can. (Have you seen my post about Thing Two leaving the house without my knowledge?)

    Some day you will look back and laugh about it all.

  5. Thank you!
    I'm feeling more myself now and I thought about deleting the post but I actually needed these two comments!

    I'm going to read them over if I ever feel like this again!


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