Thursday, April 5, 2007

Black Tree on Lemon Polymer Pendant

This is what I will be creating today.

I list it, it sells. I list it again and again it sells. I've created a few editions of this pendant already and now I think it is time to create it in batches rather than one here, one there.

It is harder to create batches of a custom mixed color. But hard is not something I shy away from. I embrace difficulty. That's a joke. I am particularly motivated in this case though.
My husband just called and let me know he's bringing home a power washer.
"We desperately need it ."

Anyway, it's one of those items that just happened as opposed to planning, preparing, and organizing.
Which how I usually create.

I know it sounds kind of anal retentive, but it actually is one of the enjoyable parts of creating for me.
I have notebooks full of brainstorms, lists, instructions, techniques, supply companies, and notes that I constantly refer back to.
This keeps me from having to many failed experiments and spending money I don't need to spend. It really bothers me to hear of people who craft for the sake of shopping. You know what I mean. They have tons of unopened supplies. They buy all the new stuff, the trends.

So many people do not find their creative side due to the lack of funds until much later in life.

I would love to be the Robin Hood of crafting supplies. Sneak into peoples homes who hoard and distribute them to the underprivileged. Think of how many other young girls might be helped to quit smoking if given some wicked awesome beading or ATC supplies.

Ummm... I wonder what local places would think of that. Not using stolen goods, of course, but supplying and teaching young people how to express themselves through craftsmanship.

I don't believe art and crafts even has to be pretty. Anger could be relieved by slashing up some cool card stock and smearing it with any number of mediums. Hurt, neglect, ridicule, confusion, all emotions that could be expressed in art. Just thinking out loud here.

Yesterday, although a not so good sale day, I was very productive.
I learned how to apply my etsy mini items onto my blog. By. My. Self. This is so important.
As I am running a business by myself.

I also prepared links to some of my favorite artists and photographed a lot of cool things to edit and blog about. You know - Plan. Prepare. Organize.


  1. I try to be organized, but mostly it`s in my head. And in my diary. Although creativity is mostly linked to spontaneity, there must be a plan behind it. An idea, thought,or vision.

  2. I love your idea of teaching crafting as a alternative to teen age vices!

  3. I remember coming off drugs, sitting in my rat hole of an apartment, hunched over my $2 bead board, counting, stringing, sorting, keeping my hands and mind occupied.
    It was a life saver and I can't help but wonder if it could be that way for more people.
    That's probably why they have arts and crafts in rehab.....


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